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This is what he said about Billy.

Derby was his first big club, however i thought he would need time to settle in and said as much in the match programme, following criticism on internet message boards of his first few performances, a few were calling for his head, i acknowledged this, but said that if the club got rid now they would go through six managers a season, to my complete surprise Davies took this as a personal attack on me and went ballistic, i presume he told Gadsby as he had a go at Marian (Ted's wife who worked at the club) I was told that he tried to get the piece removed from the programme and i was told to tone it down, dissent won't be tolerated, we had to be positive about Davies and the team's prospects. I was persueded to continue my column, but not before i told of my concerns for the thick skined man at the helm who was showing signs of being a control freak, it was like living in the Soviet Union. He goes on to say a few more things including Marion being hounded by Davies - eventually passing notes while she was still in the room rather than talk to her, and says he got more paranoid by the day, and ended up complaining to the chairman about a few other articles I wrote.........Ted left not long after that and his wife also who had worked at Derby for nearly 25 years....

Ted did also ask for a pay rise - and was turned down ........... as for the truth . who know's - two side's to every story :confused:

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