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Signed off


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Signed off work for 2 weeks.

Probably saw me hobbling around PP helping with the flag at the Cov game.

Doc reckons torn ligaments or cartlidge, gotta sort a physio off and go back and see him after resting for 2 weeks.

x-ray i had at the city or as they call it the royal showed no bone damage or arthur itus (who-ever he is? :p)

So basicaly 2 weeks sat on my arse, oh Swansea away will just mean the crutches will be out http://illiweb.com/fa/i/smiles/icon_smile

Feels like basicaly bone on bone scraping but it isnt, keeps clicking and cant bend my leg fully, need to rest before my right knee that i messed up when i was 14 starts to play up again! (dislocated right knee cap).

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