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Celtic's Remembrance Day Shame 8.11.09


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Right as i have been told by a mate of mine who is a celtic fan and was at the game...

It wasnt inside the ground it was people protesting outside.

The way the stadium is built theres a corner open and you watch from outside and the protester was standing at that bit.

The song they were singing and why.

Aiden mcanespie was going to go to a gaelic game and was walking by a british army checkpoint and was shot by a british soldier who claimed he had wet hands while moving the gun. Evidence went against aiden and the forensic suggested that the fatal shot was one of three that ricocheted off the road that killed aiden.

15 months prior to the killing a soldier had promised he would kill him, and said to him ive a bullet here in the gun for you son.

And protest because the British Soldier didnt get prosecuted.

Also went onto say about Celtic and the Irish connection and about British/Irish feuds and killings and IRA etc etc i would assume.

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If a soldier was murdered that's a terrible thing but it's absolutely no excuse to disrespect Britain's mark of respect for those who gave an ultimate sacrifice for every one of us. It's disgraceful and it appalls me that the fans who did it can be British citizens.

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It doesn't matter if the fans that sang the song were in the ground or outside singing through a gap in the fence... the fact still remains Celtic Fans deliberately disrupted a moment of respect for the troops that gave their lives.

It is not about Brittish Troops, it isn't about Protestant Troops... it's about the troops of all nationalities religions race and creeds that stood shoulder to shoulder and gave their lives so that people they have never met could continue to watch football, and live their lives.

Brittish and Irish troops stood side by side, and died side by side... they faught for the same cause, and died for it... and they aren't alone... every nation had people involved, and every nation should honour and respect their dead.

If they want to object to Brittain, to CofE or to a single death that may or may not have been investigated properly then fine... but

a) the troubles in northern Ireland weren't all one way

b) there is a time and a place... and a moment of solice to respect the fallen that gave their lives to protect everyone elses.

The troops do not fight out of hatred, they do not join up out of hatred... they join up and fight for the love pride and respect for the majority. Whether you agree with current campaigns or past campaigns is irrelevant - what matters is that many brave people gave their lives so that you can have that oppinion. Respect them for it... they deserve that at least.

Sorry but i am a bit defensive over this, and massively disgusted by the actions of Celtic fans, and lack of response by the club and governing bodies... and not just because i'm in the armed forces myself.

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