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aahhh , that explains that then!

and here,s me thinking all the time that he was a fat useless bathtub

who,s been conning the fans and the club to get his $9k a week.

does that mean we can now forgive the fat pie eating cnut who waddles like a duck?:confused:

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The thing with Commons is we're rushing him back all the time as the squad is tread bare. Nobody expected him back and there he was starting against Leicester and again 3 days later. We know how fragile his legs are so bring the lad back slowly, 30mins, 60mins then 90mins in the reserves then look to do the same again into the first team.

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he is a liability, you cannot have a steady 1st team with someone who aint fit,who aint willing to go the extra mile,

look how many times he,s be injured?

more than any other player , he was the same at forest,

his heart just aint in it for me im afraid.

get what you can for him asap,

if you was an employer, would you want to pay him his wages ?


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