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3rd shirt


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Please Mr Morris.


i am a lifelong Derby County fan from Melbourne, Australia. Given the amount postage to Australia costs (£35!; who came up with that figure?) I usually place one order per year and had been trying to decide whether to get the home or away shirt with the third shirt.


i will happily prepay for the order of the third shirt too...


Pretty please...

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On 13 December 2015 at 19:29, Papahet said:

Get the third shirt back in stock pretty please Mel.


Yes and please make it all black, loved those adidas ones a few seasons back. Ran the London marathon in that one, it was great to hear...... goo on DERBY at various points.

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A group of Australians, including myself, are setting up a Derby Australian Supporters' Club (the third incarnation of which I am personally aware). All of the international fan groupings seem to have disappeared off the website. Several of the Aussie Rams have expressed an interest in an international season's ticket/membership. If anyone cares to look up the concept of a non-game day membership of AFL clubs, you'll see the concept. A smallish annual fee for a magazine and some merchandise (usually scarves, stickers, etc; all pretty nominal.) Perhaps Rams Player subscriptions and some joint promotion locally when we're on Sky (let me tell you; every Australian soccer (football) fan I watch Championship matches with are absolutely wowed by it and the atmosphere at PPS/iPro stands out.)

While it would hardly be a money spinner for the club, I know I and some of the others have already converted mates to follow the Rams. For some reason, the DCFC passion stands out.

I know the American guy, Ryan, had already set up a US Derby Fan Club; we're trying to do something similar. Our first function is being tentatively scheduled for the Forest game.


I emailed the club about the idea - and a form of loose affiliation with, or direction from, the Club six months or so ago but heard nothing back. Since then, as I said earlier, even the international supporters' clubs have disappeared from the website as far as I can tell.

Does anyone have any idea with whom we could touch base at the club?

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