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Pride Park


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We have been praised for our ground by the imps 80/100


Overall Ground Quality : 9

Ease of getting there : 8

Atmosphere : 9

Programme : 8

View of Action : 9

Leg Space : 4

The "football" feeling : 7

Friendliness of Home Supporters : 7

Quality of the game : 9

Chances of Coming Here For a Random Game : 10

Overall : 80/100

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I was surprised at that Barrman - but then when you go to away matches some of the home suppport is dire - Coventry is really bad - massive stadium - no noise - we do need to get the other stands singing tho - i noticed the new Rammy was trying last home game to get them all going.

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I think the review is pretty fair and accurate.

The thing I really like about Pride Park is that his changed from being a "bowl" to the stands and corners having their own character. The north stand is full of kids, the Toyota is full of old people, the east is full of drunks, the south east is full of the DLF and the south is full of a mixture who just want to make some noise.

Though I agree about the leg space, at 6 foot 1 my knees are killing me when it gets to half time.

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