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Charge students more, say bosses


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University students in the UK should pay more for their loans and accept higher tuition fees as "inevitable", says a report from business leaders.

The Confederation of British Industry says the extra money needed to fund universities should come from savings in the student support system.

It also calls for more sponsorship and bursaries from businesses.

The National Union of Students attacked the report as "gross hypocrisy" from the "fat cats at the CBI".

In England, the government is set to launch a major review of the funding of higher education and student fees.

Higher education minister for England, David Lammy, said the government was committed to investing in "our world class system" and to the aspiration for 50% of young people to go to university.

The CBI is calling for that aim to be abandoned.

The report from its higher education task force looks at the options for funding universities.

[url=http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/education/8263672.stm]Read More

Couldn't agree more you bunch of 9p noodle eating, cider drinking lay abouts!

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Originally posted by gazlyndsey;33836

i've nearly finished but i aint going to work full time so they will have to wait for my repayments to start. i only used my my nus card once and that was for Forest tickets, wasn't going to let them t*ats have my money

NUS cards are only good for driving lessons and nightclub entry.

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