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PearTree Ram

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IF any of you are on FB...please join the Derby related Fan Pages.

I've made plenty....

Here is one i made yesterday, saluting a great...if i do say so myself.

Martin Taylor


From there on, you should be able to find the others....

Bloomer, Clough x 2, Hector, McFarland, Mackay and many more.

Salute your heroes !

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Originally posted by JoeMadRam;4635

Join the Kris Commons fan page too!

He has over 1,000 FB fans now.

Some other current player fan pages are Gary Teale and Emanuel Villa.

The fan pages have now all changed to look like normal facebook profiles now....check them out.

Brian Howard Clough has a good one, nearly 7,000 fans...

Nigel Howard Clough is doing well too...2,500 fans.

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