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laptop help needed


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We've got a Dell Inspiron PC and laptop, both do the job perfect. The missus split a can of coke on the laptop a couple of months ago and it wouldn't work, we rang Dell just said it stopped working suddenly, we posted it off that day and we got it back 3 days later working.

All my mates have Dell's aswell, some for years and nobody has had any problems so I'm not sure where all the horror stories come from, I would fully recommend one to anyone.

It all depends on what you want to use it for, if its just the internet/downloading I would get the basic Inspiron from Dell with the Hard drive upgrade, costs between £200-£300 (not looked recently) and does the job fine. If you want gaming then you can add the extras on as you checkout.

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Dell Inspiron

15.6" Screen

160gig Hard Drive

DVD-RW Drive

1 Year Warrenty


Although if you buy The Daily Star/The Sun or The Mirror you usually get a offer code with £50-80 ish off.

You can always get the extended warrenty if your worried it will break down, 4 year warrenty with that laptop £450.

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Acer, Asus and Dell have good laptops that will be under £400.

Sony Vaio do a lower price range of laptops as well. The laptop I am typing at now is a Vaio that was £399.99.

You want to be looking for as big a hard drive as you can get. I'd say 200Gb+.

At least 2 Gb of Ram for Vista to run smoothly, but Vista is slow on all PCs really.

And Laptops definitely aren't designed for gaming lol. My mate thinks his is and everything takes ages to load now, even Internet Explorer because he's installed loads of PC games on it.

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