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Spotted Richard anyone ?


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SPOTTED Dick has been banned from a staff canteen for being "too rude" - and replaced by Spotted Richard.

Bashful council bosses renamed the classic British pudding over fears that its comical title could cause offence.

They stepped in after staff complained that diners had been making smutty comments about the dish.

But steaming fans of the suet and currant-based treat yesterday roasted "prudish" council chiefs.

Peter Henderson, chairman of the Pudding Club, said: "This is absolutely ridiculous. The name Spotted Dick is completely harmless and it's been part of the English language for years.

"If we remove every last trace of humour from the workplace we might as well go around with our mouths zipped up from nine to five.

"What fun would that be? This is just change for the sake of it."

The "you couldn't bake it up" ban came to light as councillor Klaus Armstrong-Braun, top right, queued for lunch at the offices of Flintshire County Council in Mold, North Wales.

He said: "There was a sign in the dining room for things like rice pudding, and then I saw this 'Spotted Richard' on it. I had to ask what it was. I couldn't believe it when they told me - it seemed ludicrous. Spotted Dick is part of our heritage.

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