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Compare the Meerkat - Racist


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A few weeks ago, my girlfriend and I were watching TV at home when the advert for comparethemarket.com appeared on our screen. I had seen the ad before and not thought anything of it. However on this occasion, my girlfriend, who is Ukrainian, turned to me and said: "I don't like this advert, it is very offensive to me." I mentioned it to a friend who said his Latvian lodger also found it offensive.

The advertisement centres on the word "market" – a word that eastern Europeans/Russians pronounce "meerkat" – using talking CGI-animated meerkats. The sole point of this African animal's appearance is, it seems, to highlight the idea that east Europeans cannot pronounce the word market properly when they speak English. It struck me how racist it was to parody what is now a significant part of the British population in this way.


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When the whole idea of the advert is the 'eastern european' meerkat is trying to get people to stop using his site instead of comparethemarket, the whole point of the 'racism' row is completely idiotic.

Compare the Market is british, it's for british people, and thus BRITISH people are those mistaking market and meerkat, not eastern europeans.

They just want something to ******* moan about as per bastarding usual.


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