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Satdy.. Trouble?


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Reckon there will be much trouble down in scummy notts come satdy?

With most people having to go by bus, it makes it pretty obvious for any trouble-makers to attack, allthough it wouldnt surprise me if they try to ambush about a dozen times like last time.

Just thinking lots of innocent people will be involved and just be involved due to being Derby fans.

Trains running was the best option for the police i would of thought because they can keep fans in a secure place.

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Look, all you need to do is not to wear colours while walking to the ground, don't head toward obvious groups of Derby fans as they will be a prime target.

Walk as normal to the ground with reds and rams, if you want to wear yer shirt on view, then expect some comments that's all.

I used to go away on me todd and you don't need to worry, as long as you are sensible about everything.

I once went into a pub along the canal with a mate before a match and we wern't wearing colours, suddenly the front doors slammed shut and two guys started pointing in our direction at the back of the pub, me and my mate looked at each other with that "Oh ****!" look. It was packed with red dogs.

But after what seemed like 10 minutes, prob' 15secs, it was apparent that the Derby train police escort was passing infront of the pub.

Don't mind saying for a split second I thought I might be staying in the QMC bed and breakfast.

Stay away from any trouble and them bloody police dogs as they are vicous basterds.

Above all mate, enjoy it.

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At the Cup Game last year, there was an old man (Derby) near the Bridge, on a quieter alley getting seven bells kicked out of him by 7 or 8 Red Dogs, there were bout 16 of me and my mates, so stepped in and helped the poor bloke.

Always some trouble, Police can't stop everything and IMO they are daft giving Hoolies a chance to intergrate, I'd sooner see Hoolies kick the **** out of each other and be done with it than giving the average football the chance to attacked as well

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with the lack of trains you'd think they'd sort a 'special' bus either to the train station so the police have the same drill, or to the ground...

its madness... no matter what you do, and how sensible you are there will always be ****** that think a bit of violence is the way forward...

Good luck to those going saturday, hope you get there and back safely...

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I really hope not...

Even if it means the streets of Nottingham have more Police then punters last night should have put the police on a higher alert... That said the heavy handed nature of the police on match day that may not be a good thing

Last thing we want is a return to the dark days, for starters i want to be able to go to games without a stab vest, for seconds i'd like to be able to take my family, and for thirds NO-ONE want Forest Vs Derby games all being played behind closed doors.

It was disgusting the first time round, but at least this time Big Brother is watching so any trouble makers can be dealt with properly, and HOPEFULLY innocent people will be seen as just that

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