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I just finished reading, "Interpretation of Dreams" by Sigmund Freud and it got me wondering and analyzing some of my own dreams that I have had as of late.  Some have been weird and some have been downright scary at times tbh.


A dream I had last week was one where I was wearing a cape while running through a forest with the bloke from Sleepy Hollow hot on my trail. Oh yeah, he as I recall was also eating a big fookin hamburger at the time. Another had my girlfriend and I at a football match and everyone besides us were naked.  Interpretation's anyone?


What is some of yall's weirdest or most memorable I guess you could say, dreams?  Taking a stab at interpreting these could be interesting also.



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Ok let's not close a thread yet. Here's a real dream on mine from several years ago you all can have fun with.

I was in a college somewhere in USA. On the front yard of that college I met Alyssa Milano and We started a conversation. We talked about everything and she seemed as a regular person with no star like acting. We ended up talking the whole evening and had a very nice time. At any time I didn't try to get her undress.

Go ahead, interpret your heart out. -_-

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