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Is the new rams player any good?


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was thinking of subscribing to rams player but wanted to know what its like as i won't be going to any games for a few weeks after scunny away.

Getting a puppy and cant reaaly leave him at home on his own for 7-8 hours on a saturday (got a dalmatian so at least hes the right colour).

Are the highlights any good or is it just what gets shown on the beeb?

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You get radio commentary through Radio Derby, plus after match interviews and highlights, The Posh game highlights are 9mins 34 long, probably about the same as what the BBC showed although you won't get that long each week on BBC.

The quality is much better than what it was on Ramsworld and you can watch the highlights in full screen. At £3.99 a month you can't really go wrong, if you sign up to direct debit you can always cancel.

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