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Why is it so quiet?


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I have to ask why its so quiet on here. Its 5 days from the new season and loads happening but really quiet on here. Some of the other boards have started to kick in now. Is it always this quiet, it cant be as I see memebers with thousands of posts. Whats happening :confused:

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We do need more members and we need members who will start threads with interesting talking points and not just read, this will come with time. We can't expect to be more active than the other established forums straight away.

The DET has been online for years, alot of people will still use it for the source of info despite all the problems the forum has had. When people start looking for other Derby forums they will find us at the top in Google which will no doubt bring in alot of new members during the season when the wrist slashing starts.

This is our first summer and it was always going to be tough to keep the members online as people go away and spend time with the family. I think we've done well to keep it fairly active throughout, I can't personally remember a day which has passed without a post.

I'm sure we will see alot of the old faces back around 5pm on Saturday.

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