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I've cooked the missus dinner....


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Tuna pasta bake, not a micro meal either. It will be done when she walks through the door, do I use this to.....

  1. Persuade her to let me buy the xBox 360 this weekend.
  2. Initiate sexual intercourse in a position of my choice.
  3. Ask her if we can go to the opening game against Peterborough.

She's a smart woman and will know this gives me an gold pass to do what I like but if I abuse it I will get sod all.

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Originally posted by MattyTheRam;25644

think about how much you value each option, and put in order, think about your cock last though, as that one wont last long lol

Have you spoken with my missus?

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oh dear...

Im just saying, You can always make something to eat some other time if your so desperate for sex mate lol. But an xbox is the most money spent..... where as it depends whether you can save that, or whether you can live with missing out on pboro!

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