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Liverpool star Gerrard 'lost it', court hears


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Footballer Steven Gerrard “totally lost it” and hit a man “with the style and speed of a professional boxer” during a row over music, a court heard today.

The Liverpool captain launched the assault on businessman Marcus McGee (aged 34) after the victim refused to hand over control of a CD player at a bar last year, it was alleged.

The 29-year-old was with friends at the Lounge Inn, in Southport, Merseyside, in the early hours of December 29 when his party clashed with McGee, a member of another group.

Today, David Turner QC, prosecuting, told Liverpool Crown Court that Gerrard asked McGee for a card controlling the CD player, saying: “Here y’are lad. Give me that lad.”

Mr Turner said: “Mr McGee took offence at his attitude and the expression ’lad’ and he refused.

“Not many people on Merseyside, or indeed anywhere else, would refuse a request from Steven Gerrard but Mr McGee did.

“There can be no doubt that this refusal astounded Steven Gerrard.

“He walked away back to his party but the CCTV shows how much his mood had changed.

“He was no longer the centre of that high spirited party.

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“He was clearly walking around pondering, musing over what had happened - about the man who said ’no’ to Steven Gerrard.”

After about six minutes Gerrard returned to the victim who was sitting alone at the bar and allegedly confronted him with the words: “Who the f*** do you think you are?”

Mr McGee, who was not a DJ but was in charge of music for the night, stood up to Gerrard, Mr Turner said.

The pair were head to head, he said, “in the sort of hostile confrontation that is often seen between professional footballers”.

The barrister added: “Steven Gerrard had clearly lost his cool: he was angry with Marcus McGee.”

The situation attracted the millionaire’s friends.

One, John Doran, who has admitted affray, pushed McGee away but “could not resist following through with his right elbow into Mr McGee’s face”, said Mr Turner.

“We say at this stage Gerrard totally lost it.

“Almost immediately after the blow from John Doran, in fact within seconds, Steven Gerrard joined in the attack with a succession of well aimed uppercut punches delivered with the style and speed of a professional boxer rather than a professional footballer.”


What a tw@t if he gets found guilty of course, should of stayed at home and bought a Karaoke machine if wanted control of the music.

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Originally posted by tealeisgod;24269

Typical nobhead footballer.

they think the world revolves around them and they are used to people saying how wonderful they are.

so this happens when someone has the nerve to say no to them.

no wonder i hate the premier league it makes me sick and it wouldn't bother me if Derby stayed in the championship for years to come

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am i right in saying that the others have pleaded guilty but Gerrard the millionaire football player has entered a plea of not guilty?

if so that's just typical modern day footballers arrogance,meaning i can do whatever i want because ive got plenty of cash and im famous :mad:

give him 6 months inside but i bet he gets a fine and 100 hours community service with underpriviledged kids!

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To be fair he was never going to be sent down even if he wasn't a footballer, Chavs are puching each other across the country at the weekend and get a fine at the most. Wouldn't be suprised if he got community service, visiting kids in hospitals or going round local schools promoting sports and keeping fit.

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What a ****.

I used to think this guy as one of my favourite players, with his name on my England shirt and all.

Lost all respect for him now. It doesn't take much to have a little decency and respect. That's respect for himself, those who look up to him and pay him his big bucks.

Typical scouser. Give an athlete Lucozade and he'll run faster. Give a Scouser a DVD player and he'll run faster.

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the number of good games Gerrard's had for England you can count on one hand.

typical media overhype and build up ala Beckham,Rooney,Terry,Ferdinand etc

always bottle it and fail in the big important games, quarter finals of major competitions

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And Surprise surprise - not guilty !

Steven Gerrard has been cleared of a charge of affray after a week-long trial at Liverpool crown court.

The Liverpool and England footballer had pleaded not guilty to the charge over an alleged attack upon a businessman in a Merseyside bar last December.

In court the 29-year-old admitted punching Marcus McGee three times - connecting at least once - , even as going as far as apologising for the incident, but jurors accepted his account that he was acting in self-defence.

Reds captain Gerrard and a group of friends had been celebrating Liverpool's 5-1 victory over Newcastle United at the Lounge Inn when a row broke out over control of its CD player.

Five men also involved in the resulting brawl admitted affray at the start of Gerrard's week-long trial on Monday, while a sixth admitted threatening behaviour.

But Gerrard maintained he believed Mr McGee was going to punch him when he lashed out himself.

In court yesterday Gerrard apologised to the businessman over the incident, accepting that he his assumption had been wrong and that he was in fact reacting to being punched by his friends.

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he believed he was going to get punched?? what a tit and they let him off with self defence if he wasn't guilty why did his mates plead guilty eh and there goes the british justice system again if your a celeb or rich you can get away with anything

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