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We'l do alright I think and non-league Nige's signings will impress a few people. Obviously we'l be all in awe of Billy Davies and Forest this season, after spending all that money on quality Championship signings guarentees you will be Champions this year.............doesn't it?

Ok I'm crap at this tongue in cheek stuff, I think we'l be alright this season. Alot of fans are taking the piss out of Cloughies signings but they are forgetting we had a decent core squad before this signings and had alot of players out injured for the second half of last season. Leacock, Addison and Green were all vital members of the first team and it showed that we missed them. Porter scored 3 in 4 I think before falling for the injury curse and Barnes if he can get his head on the job again could be a quality player to have back.

With the additions of Barker at the back, Croft on the wing and Randall in the centre our first team is looking strong, I will admit to be slighgtly worried about after that, if we get struck down by injuries as we did last season we will struggle.

Forest hmmmm, spent alot of money and has brought a confidence boost if not slightly deluded I have to say to the City Ground reading Forest forums. I think he has made a couple of major boo boo's in the summer. First off scrapping the reserves as he did at Derby, when you have 6 strikers and 4 not playing you need to keep them match fit and playing games. Earnie and Blackstock won't settle for a place on the bench, Garner was getting restless last season not being picked, McGoldrick and Adebola will want to be involved having just signed. I can see some major team morale problems this season trying to keep all 6 happy.

Last season Forest's weakness was in defence, Billy went for Mills and Barker and got neither, you would of had a better chance of making the play offs had you got both. Even with Gunter your defence looks very weak and will continue to concede goals by the bucket load. I'l let you into a little secret, Camp aint that great a keeper.

On a plus side, Anderson bargain of the summer at 250k, although it does seem a waste of a decent young talent with Billy's hoofball tactics. He'l have strong neck muscles come May having watched the ball fly over his head all season.

I don't think there will be much in it between Derby and Forest again this season, whoever finishes on top will only be a couple of places and a few points at most. I think Derby will be the 'happier' of the two clubs come May.

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