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trig wins hands down!


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:)went on a deep sea fishing trip today (0500hours start)

got on the boat near where i live and within 20 mins 3 aussies had got on thier high horse with trig.

all i said at a quiet moment on the boat was-

you fu kin convicts had better keep to stealing bread ,than playing cricket!

laugh , i nearly went to ethiopia, second class of course!

the rest of the trip was price less

trig won hands down!

1-0 to the engerlund!!

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im wearing my sunday best shirt !

so im behaving like the good pommy i am!

after all i dont want to upset the locals , do i?

altogether now--------

(to the tune of yellow submarine)

you all live in a convict colony , a convict colony a convict colony

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went down under?(ooooh errrr mrs)

in answer to you david,

we moved to aussie for a better way of life .

and it gives my son the chance of a decent start out here too.

dont get me wrong i love england, just cant stand certain elements that are ruining our country-i will let you use your immagination as to the reasons ?

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slated it it jest david maybe ,

im english , love the english and england,

im not saying aus is better than england as they are two different countries, it just that it suits our familly way of lifeat the moment.

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coming back next year when the world cup starts for 3 weeks,

will catch up with friends and familly,

but i honestly think i will never return to live,

i love this style of life out here ,its not for everyone but it suits us.

do miss derby county, thats a hard one to get over (oooh errr mrs)

but i do try to watch as many rams games as possible

anyone planning to come to aus ,get in touch with trig, i will put you right about things on the gold coast

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