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Worst ever Derby County-related dream you've had


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I've woken up the wrong side of bed because I had a terrible dream last night.


We lost to Brighton 1-0 due to Forsyth skying a penalty. Brighton took a quick goal kick and punted it down the other end of the field, where Fossie, desperate to make up for his mistake, absolutely clattered Ulloa and conceded a penalty - which Matt Oakley scored (not sure why he was playing for them).


McCLaren took Forsyth off and replaced him with Naylor. We then got absolutely terrorised down the left for the rest of the match. Though Brighton fail to score, the bad news keeps coming as McClaren goes off on a mad one to Owen Bradley, and the whole coaching staff gets a touchline ban for the return leg.


Don't worry, my dreams aren't usually prophetic.


Anyone else had any bad Derby dreams, either last night or before?

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I once dreamt we signed Robbie Savage. What a nightmare...

We (BHA) had him on loan from you.  Not only was he bang average in league one, he didn't give a toss.


Someone met him in a night club once and asked him why we lost, and he replied "it's not my fault your midfield is shìt"

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