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Right I'm going to London for three nights next week. Gonna pop in and see a relative, and a friend.

I've been to London plenty of times before but come to think it was at least four years ago I last rode the tube and stuff, that was with my family.

Any friendly tips on what to do in London if you go down on your own?

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I've heard about Taxis. If I do a bit of a night in London Taxis and Tube are the only option.

Everything costs a bomb in London, especially a pint!

So how easy is it to get lost on the Tube?

Any good things to see, maybe to do with footie? Might see if I can do some sort of tour of Wembley.

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Originally posted by JoeMadRam;23612

I am a fool. But I won't get lost on the Tube with a map.

I've done the London Eye at day. Might try it at night though.

It's expensive for a half hour activity.

probs a good idea then!

im sorry im a bit rubbish when i spend quite a bit if time there

last time i went the natural history museum was free and thats a pretty good couple of hours and there is some right nice pubs around that area, and one that is pretty reasonibly priced to near covent garden

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