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Rafa wants loyalty - what a laugh.


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He wants loyalty from them, despite the fact last season he openly admitted he wanted rid of Alonso several times. I hope Xabi goes, he deserves more than Liverpool and that pompus idiot of a manager they have.

He can hardly ask for loyalty, he shows none to his players.

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Originally posted by David;22579

I don't think he said he wanted rid just said he was available for the right price, that price has even put money bags Real Madrid off from signing him.

We are talking last season when he said he would sell to Juve for 6m or something daft to help fund the Barry move.

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Originally posted by David;22588

Did he say that or was it in the press, I doubt they would of sold him for £6m I don't think even Rafa is that stupid.

Maybe that is an exageration but i remember watch SSN one day and them saying that he is willing to sell Alonso to make up the extra funds needed to sign Barry (Villa wanted 18m and Liverpool had apparently offered 12.)

So 6m is the maths but i know he was willing to sell him cheap. I'd love him to go to Madrid now, would be hilarious.

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