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Any chance of a quick reply box?


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Ok, I'l get my coat....

David in reply to your comments about people posting short phrases such as lol, Can't you just set up a minimum word/letter count so they can't do that.

Yes I agree that this is a fast forum, But it is just really the easeness of not having to go onto another page.

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I had a play with it yesterday on another board, it doesnt save you much time at all to be honest, you still have to click a quick reply button on the post you are replying to in order to make a quick reply.

The problem with the minimum letter count is when people are predicting scorelines 2-1 uses the same as lol so I'l end up annoying these peoplejust wishing to put there predictions down.

If it gets to the point where the site is slow loading then I will activate it, although if the site is slow loading I will also look at changing hosts.

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Originally posted by Boycie;1896

You lazy sod! lol!

There used to be a minimum 10 letter minimum post on the last forum.

I tell you what, I'll send some lucosade to give you some energy to press the keys. Orange or original?

I'l take the Orange please. But make it not too fizzy.

And I'm not lazy I'm...I'm...I'm practical.

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