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Avatar Game


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Right. This is how it goes.

Anyone on the forum can enter.

Everyone who enters will be paired up randomly and will be told who they are paired with.

The user must make upload an avatar for their partner while their partner does the same for them.

The avatars must be used by each user for 24 hours at least.

Think funny, possibly risky but not too risky that it offends David.

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I'm going to give a bit more time for more users to put their name down.

Then I'll pair every user up.

Then you begin and post your avatar. You must use the avatar that your pair has posted no matter what it is. You must keep it for at least 24 hours.

So I guess you can start now and get ready early.

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Go on then I'm in as long as I get to do Vicky's mwhahahahah

Although I think you should leave it 48hrs give a few people a chance to get in on it. Just to add abit extra you can choose a custom user title under the other persons username as well.

All I'l say now is no gentalia and no naughty words in the usertitle.

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Right, here goes.

I solemnly swear I have drawn these pairs randomly even using a random number generator website.

Boycie and Vicky27

JoeMadRam and Rams71

David and BARRman

M.M and DerbyDan

So while I make an avatar for Rams71, Rams71 must make one for me. For at least 24 hours, I must display the avatar Rams71 has made and Rams71 must display the avatar I have designed.

Get going!

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