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Mumbo Jumbo


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Would you go on this ride ?

Mumbo Jumbo hurtled into the record books as the worlds steepest ride. £4 million - plunges down at 1112 deg at 4g - a simular g-force to that experienced by fighter pilots. 98ft high - recently opened at Flamingo Land N.Yorks. vid here of test run. there is no way on this earth you would get me on that.



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Originally posted by David;22054

Then tell me why god built fat hairy women?

because god likes fat hairy women, he built this planet in 7 days, bloomin 7 days and he cant reward himself!

give the guy a break man, hes into weird stuff, but hes powerful so dont knock it!

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Originally posted by David;22127

American Adventure is the one that closed for being ***** isnt it?

It used to be AWESOME (for a small Derbyshire theme park) because there were a couple of really good rollercoasters. Then I think they ran out of money and closed those rides. I guess numbers went down so they went broke and closed.

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