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Some shameful advertising here.

I have some PS2 games:

EyeToy Play (+ the camera if I can find it anywhere)

LOTR: The Two Towers

LOTR: The Return of the King

Enter the Matrix

Star Wars: Episode III

Shadow the Hedgehog.

Timesplitters 1

Tony Hawks Underground.

The rest are all out-of-date sports games ;-)

I'll be honest with you as I just wanna get rid of them! I'll sell them for £2/3 each, haggle me down if you want! They're not that great but if they're going really cheap then ...

I'm also gonna try and shift some XBox 360 games:

Just Cause (Bit like GTA IV but with more of a story mode - £5)

Sonic Unleashed (£10 - Been played once)

Oblivion (£7.50 - Fantasy/fighting soapbox game, Been played a couple of times)

Grand Theft Auto IV (£10)

If you're interested let me know.

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