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have you met anyone famous?


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Bryan Ferry, Stevie Howard da da da da (does he count?) a few other Derby players if they count inc Idiakez, Lupoli, Jordan Stewart, Big Dave, Ellington ,Edworthy, Boulder,Tito, Billly Davies, Ted Mcminn, Ross Fletcher - well he's famous in Derby !

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met quite a few a max power a couple of years agojodie marsh lucy pinder michelle marh ect lionel vionel don't know if any1 has heard of him and candice from corrie oh nearly forgot blackpool's keeper just after we beat them 4-1 at belleview dogs in manchester i kinda took the mick by saying ah well bad luck in the last game i thought you were great though best win we've had so far needless to say he didn't look happy

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Jim Smith, Mart Poom, Lee Carsley, Stefano Eranio, Jacob Laursen, Paulo Wanchope, Francesco Baiano, Fabrizio Ravanelli, George Burley, Lee Camp, Tom Huddlestone, Tommy Smith, Ian Taylor, Darren Moore, Tito Villa, Robbie Savage, Dean Leacock, Sven-Goran Eriksson, Sir Bobby Charlton.

I saw the late Brian Clough in my local corner shop once. :confused: I actually did.

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ive met a few people...

the entire derby squads for the past 6 seasons

graham poll

alex zane

ryan jarman (front man of the cribs)

the ordinary boys (all members and i called preston a ******)

dennis law

dave mackay

tommy johnson

archie gemmil

paul simpson (made his kid cry)

steve mcclaren (made his kid cry)

brian clough

ivan gaskell

the ginger one from harry potter

some people who were on hollyoaks, they where male members so i didnt take in there names

jarred christmas (hes a comedian you will have seen him in pot noodle and virgin airways adverts)

and my favorite...

dean gaffney in revolution in derby and quite how but he had about 8 very hot women with him

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there kids are my age and it would of been when we were about8 or 9

and paul simpson son , we were playing football in his back garden and then he basicly became a spoilt kid and didnt like the fact i was better than him so he tryed to take the ball of me, so i kicked it to his brother, this only angered him so he then swang to kick me, i caught his foot and pushed him to the floor, he then cried and ran to his mum, who was on my side

id like to say pauls other 2 kids where lovely kids only that one had a bit of stigma of being paul simpsons son

as for big steve macs son, it twas a bit more simple, playing sat morning football down on marko park when there was a goal mouth scramble, and you no when your 8 playing football theres about 7 players on the goal line, the long and short of it, he fell over the ball fell to me, next to his head some one got to the ball first and poked it away while he moved his head, this all equalled my foot+movement=kick in the head, thus leading to tears

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yeah he is!

i also think i met kate lawler from big brother or something, i was very drunk, during my freshers week so i cant really remember it, from what my friends say i did try and ask her out but her bouncer friend wasnt having it

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if i could honestly remeber id tell you but i hvae no recollection of her being there,

i remeber starting the night, the whole drinking part of the night has vanished for ever, and i remeber walking home cause id been in chelmsford a week went to get a kebab, and we forgot the way home, good times

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