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What's your favourite fast food?


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is this my vivid imagination, or has everyone been drinking out of triggers inuendo cup?

smut, your all guilty of being smutty, any more and i will get ptr to talk to you about brian as your punishment,

do i make myself clear?

im the only perv allowed on here

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Originally posted by Boycie;21245


Inuendo can be taken either way. Yours is just filth.

I can be taken both ways, oopps there I go again!

how very dare you,

wash your mouth out with soap young man,

im a good honest kristian, chrisstian, kristean,


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damm n blast my past

why cant people just forget that i used to live in moth eaton?

im a good boy now !

its been nearly 3 years since my last spell in the moth

ive not stole anything, committed burgulary, mugged old ladies , shot people in notts(and blamed it on the yardies)

set fire to train staions, shoplifted,

you get the picture by now surely? ive left all that behind me!

ok ,ok , so i might just have set my self up with a bit of a shady film studio ,that im using as a front for my xxx dvd distribution centre(all legit honest)+ ps the girls used in all footage were over the age of 16

and they consented too( after 3 grammes of coke and a bloody good beating too!)

so you might call me nasty nick (eastenders)

but really im law obiding now honest!

(ps anyone want to buy a rolex?) good price honest.:cool:

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