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What's your fave accent ?


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danny dyer's cockney accent!

Yorkshire accent always makes me smile.. Ee bah gum like!

Nowt wrong with the Kiwi, Aussie, American or Jamaican ones either!

Ian Holloways farmer accent makes me crease whenever i've heard him on R5 commentaries!

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Originally posted by MattyTheRam;18690

You ill or something mate, scummy.

One of my ex's was, did my nut in!

Dont have a favourite, prefer an accent am used to, so local!

You've had more x's than a 24 pack of Castlemaine's, these are 'real' women your talking about and not those imaginary friends some people have?

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Originally posted by JoeMadRam;18675

Derby has an accent me duck and it aint posh mate.

Though I didn't know there was much difference between somewhere like Belper and Derby which is probably less than ten miles south.

"Duck" aint realy Derby, more Derbyshire i would say, in where they call "Mining towns" such as Ilkeston etc etc around the area, ever thought it sounds quite familiar to Yorkshire in a way?, because when all mines closed down up north, they moved down here for jobs!. I dont talk like eehh ma duck, neither does anyone from Derby born an bred in my family, going back from my dad and grandad who have always been from the area... Like most people i know either are'nt like that!

Yet whenever i say am from Derby to someone like out of the city, they say eeehh daaaaarrrrbbbehhhh?, am like no... Derby... lol

lil story for ya! lol

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Best - Derby. Im not from Derby, so think its quite amusing when i come up to PP and hear words like sound and duck, which are never used down here.

Essex - The truth is we dont all have 'mockney' accents. If anyone remembers Austin Drage off last years X Factor, thats a true Essex accent. Sounds like were allways whinging.

Worst - Forget scousers, theres nothing I find more unnattractive than a Scottish bird.

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