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Let's Buy Newcastle United!


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The Board of Newcastle United can today confirm that the Club is for sale at the price of £100m.

Interested parties should contact Newcastle United at admin@nufc.co.uk (or Keith Harris at Seymour Pierce) for further details.

The Club will not be making any further comment at the present time.



I've got £10.67 in my penny jar, 0 in my personal account and a few grand in the business account, who wants to come in with me and make up the rest?.

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Ive got $7.25cents , three beer tokens, and a free pass to a titty bar

and a push bike with a flat tyre ,and a grandma at bramcote crematorium,

will this commitment make me the owner??

whoopee triggers own football team,

can you imagine that?

every time we played florist i would gladly pay for all the sendings off,and the bookings too, for those games as well i would remove all segreation

and make it a real familly atmosphere (lol they wont show as normal)

and to make the club even better i would emplOy adolf clough to sign ENGLISH players only!:cool:

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Originally posted by vicky-27;18145

Boycie can cough up - and Joe can sell his Buggatti

Yes I do have a Bugatti to sell, but it's on my XBox. /ohmy

I'm a student. I can chip in a bit of my student loan.

How much would it cost to put "DCFC Fans" on the front of Newcastle's shirt instead of "Northern Rock"?

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I'm surprised nobody has picked up on the fact Newcastle have printed this on their official website asking anyone who's interested in buying to email the club.

This only goes to show what a fool Mike Ashley is and what a joke club he has turned Newcastle into, i'm actually starting to feel a tad sorry for the Geordies now.

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i can stump up £2.86 paper round money and an un-franked 2nd class stamp off a birthday card i got last friday!!

I'm not selling my 3 bikes though...vinny jones couldn't tempt me with gazza's left testicle on top for those!

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LONDON, June 9 (Reuters) - English Premier League club Newcastle United are the subject of a possible takeover bid from Singapore-based investment group The Profitable Group, according to press reports.

The investment group has contacted adviser Seymour Pierce to conduct the sale, the Financial Times said.

Former Liverpool midfielder Steve McMahon is on the board of Profitable, which told the Newcastle Evening Chronicle that it had spoken to Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley and was putting together a plan.

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We've got until Wednesday to prove we have the money if we are to buy Newcastle so raid your piggy banks and missus's purse.


Alan Shearer could be named as permanent manager at Newcastle by the end of the week.

Although the sale of the club has not yet been finalised, Shearer will be appointed in the hot seat should all prospective buyers agree on his appointment.

Anyone interested in paying the £100million asking price has until Wednesday to prove they have the funds required.

Providing Shearer gets a unanimous vote from those prospective buyers, he will be appointed permanent manager of the football club within the next few days.

It could still be weeks before a takeover is complete, but Newcastle managing director Derek Llambias says the club are close to making a significant announcement.

"There could be some movement regarding Alan Shearer at the end of this week or early next week," he told Journal Live.

"The data room will be open on Wednesday, which will allow the groups who have proved they have the money to buy the club to look at the books. Nobody has been able to do that yet because the data room hasn't been opened.

"We will not be making any decision on Alan as manager, that is not up to us, that is down to the groups who are buying the club.

"If they want to appoint him, then it's up to them. We will speak to them about it. If they do want Alan then something could be done in the next few days. That's where we are at this stage and everything is ongoing."


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