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IPhone 3GS 3G problem


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Hey guys, just wondering if anyone could help me that has some kind of experience in dealing with Mobile phones , Specifically the Iphone . I'm on an 02 Contract with the 3GS which I cannot upgrade till December 2013. I've not had any problems with it until the other day when I noticed my signal had completely gone and its place was "Searching..." After trying everything I could think of to no avail ( Reset Network Settings, Backup & Restore, Call O2) I decided to turn of my Wifi & 3G completely and any other network settings I could find. After turning off my 3G my signal came back, with 5 bars too. So now I cannot use 3G when I'm out and about because it will turn my Iphone into an IPod. I'm going to the Apple Store on Thursday but was hoping to get a quicker fix if anyone has any ideas atall?!

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Ring o2 its something to do in the settings I had the exact same problem when I had a 3g 3 a while back, 


i i remember its something like it should say 02.data.co.uk not 02.data.com 


if you ring o2 they can tell you what to do on the phone 

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