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Independent Football Forum (and meet Mark O'Brien today @ KIO Event!)


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An independent football forum: “RAMS, RADIO & WRITERS”

In support of Diabetes UK & the Stroke Association

Thursday, November 15th, 7:30 PM (Doors 7.00 pm)


Special guests:

• Colin Gibson – Former BBC Radio Derby Sports Editor

(His first exclusive public appearance, after 30 years in radio broadcasting.

• Steve Nicholson - Derby Telegraph’s senior football correspondent.

• Gareth Davis & Phil Matthews – co-authors of “Derby’s Days” and “A Derby County Miscellany” (journalists & broadcasters with roles at DCFC, RAM FM, DET, The Football League, BBC, ITV & Setanta).

ENTRY TICKET £5.00 (block bookings available. £1.00 p&p applies if posted)

Full bar facilities; Raffle and Prize Draw

TICKETS and INFORMATION: ramsactive@btinternet.com 07951 638858

Tickets will be on sale in the foyer of the DW Soccerdome, a stone’s throw from PPS, between 11.00 am and 2.00 pm on Saturday 20th October, before the Rams’ home game with Blackburn Rovers.

There will be a Kick It Out fans’ event in the foyer and Forum tickets are on sale there - and the Rams’ young defender Mark O’Brien will be putting in a guest appearance at 1.30 pm too!

Hope you will support the forum and Kick It Out - and look forward to seeing you before the game.

Thanks to the dcfcfans' moderators for allowing the publicity

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Thanks, Boycie.

It has the makings of a good night - as with any such event, it needs a good, healthy audience to carry it and make it entertaining - it a fans' event (albeit to benefit the two charities) - so please, folks - help us by getting your tickets!

It's only a fiver - a fraction of the price of many forums held nowadays.

We'd sooner sell plenty of tickets in advance though will sell at the door on the night if some remain.

Another note: 14th November, a day before the event, is World Diabetes Day; it is the day on which (in 1922) insulin was discovered, which regulates the body's sugar balance and of course has to be administered by diabetics to control the disease.

I'm not diabetic but have lost friends and family to the condition (as with a stroke) - so we hope to provide a good football night out and support the nominated charities generously.

Thanks all.

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YES I'm shouting - sorry, but this can be a forum and a half if we get a good audience!

* No Rams' midweek match - no excuse not to come!

*Gibbo's initial post-Radio Derby appearance

* Event to benefit Diabetes UK & The Stroke Association

* Only £5.00 ticket entry cost (block booking discount available) - the more tickets we sell in advance, the better raffle / draw prizes we can buy for you to have a chance of winning (prizes already includes a new signed football, arranged for us by N Clough, signed books, etc)

PLEASE come and have a good Rams' night out on 15th November - support the forum, and make it happen!

Tickets will be on sale in the DW Soccerdome foyer between 12.00 midday and 2.30 pm on Saturday, beflre the home game with Blackpool FC.

Thanks all!

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