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  1. You need to buy this book so does anybody else who is having the same issue, you are the only ones who can do it, you just have to help yourselves! it’s just plain ridiculous! there is a section on the changing ram from 1971, it was born with an eye but in their wisdom in the 80s some of the manufacturers messed around with it. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Colours-Rams-colours-County-Football/dp/1727616618/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3RHGUFW3ZI105&keywords=Derby+county&qid=1561563973&s=gateway&sprefix=Derby%2Caps%2C148&sr=8-1
  2. Managers, players and owners they come and they go, but we the fans are the heartbeat of our club, we will always be here, it’s not about money to us it’s about passion and loyalty! No one is bigger than our club.🐏
  3. Exactly! Ten years ago we would be none the wiser, we are all to blame for feeding the bull shine ! 275 pages of pure bull shine !
  4. You better get yourself some new frocks in @Anag Ram (mrs)
  5. I’m just off to collect my curry, chicken tikka naga ! Proper bad boy, they can’t deliver it until 7 but if I collect it’s ready at 6 ! No brainer!
  6. What about a game of playerwang whilst we are waiting @Mostyn6 ?
  7. I’ve just watched that video again, now we have been told all week that Frank was meeting abraaamavamaveryrich on his yacht on Thursday ! Now could Christina have “accidentally “ posted that video to show a slightly worse for wear frank, sitting in a beach side bar a bit half cut in his shirts and tee shirt laughing and enjoying his birthday as a message that he was no where near the yacht and would not be and to not believe everything you are reading and to see it with our own eyes ? he certainly wasn’t looking like he was prepared for a meeting with the guy who would control his destiny on that day ! he is going nowhere !
  8. Doesnt look like Romans there or like he is on a yacht
  9. The tin mans shirt from 1988/89 season !
  10. A lovely le Coq sportiff away shirt from 1979, not many in this condition out there
  11. Yes ! Here is running over the Chelsea bridge to welcome Frank home ! The tax evading jam rolly polly barrow boy !
  12. Jesus what is it with our club being used as a stepping stone ! If they show a modecome of success they are targeted by the press who dangle carrots ! We have premier league facilities, we have a great fan base, a great owner, we are crying out for somebody to show us some loyalty and belief and invest themselves into our club and they will be repaid ! Stop using us like twits!
  13. Thanks for the support @Boycie 👍
  14. Lovely mate thank you 👍 when you get a minute can you leave us a review on Amazon, happy father’s day mate and you family have great taste in their gift ! 😂👍🐏
  15. Who do you think the dude is in the dodgy leather cap ! Looking at his attire and what we now know about the 70s you got to admit he certainly looks like a fiddler on the roof !
  16. It was genuinely a trip to butlins to compete in a sports competition Reg Harrison told me, as you say there were cricketers and other footballers and even other women were allowed to compete ! Shock horror !
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