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  1. They had minutes last night didn't they?
  2. Have they got the microphone in a random shed? Swear I can hear doors opening and metal being moved around more than I can anything on the pitch.
  3. Never said he did! Anya just trying some fancy things, a hell of a lot more than we have seen him do with a football in 18 months.
  4. Anya with the fancy feet at 1:08
  5. Got to justify the holiday out there!
  6. Suppose it shows Cocu is really assessing ALL of our players.
  7. Not sure she made it up, I am sure it has been posted on here for a few days..
  8. Had we had official confirmation he was on the flight? All I saw was rumours. If he is in it for a free holiday, Cocu has played a blinder!
  9. As good as signed. Can you really see him turning around and saying "Thanks for the flight, but it is not for me"
  10. Mel has basically just confirmed he has signed...
  11. By Mason Mount's Instagram, are we expecting everyone to be in tomorrow?
  12. My guess is they've seen him scouting in Brazil and thought Derby wouldn't be scouting out there.
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