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  1. Surely if you want a championship manager who can turn around a big prem team, you pick Bielsa. If it wasn't for Ole doing well at Man U, Lampard's name wouldn't even be mentioned. Plus there is the fact Man U and Chelsea have very different structures. History shows that Chelsea chop and change their managers every 2/3 seasons whereas Man U stick with them. I don't think Lampard would be so short sighted.
  2. 100th start today for us, I'd say out of all those games he has shown his worth maybe 20 times?
  3. The whole DCFC website seems to have gone down for me now.
  4. Johnson is playing for a new contract, shame he couldn't do this every game.
  5. Johnson showed real desire tonight, good to see from him.
  6. Surely Mourinho isn't up to much.
  7. I don't think Pep Guardiola could fix this club in a season.
  8. To be fair to him, Grealish is probably the best player in the Championship
  9. That's the wheels fallen off.
  10. The thing I worry about next season is will Frank have lost his pulling power. We had prime pickings of loans etc, with players wanting to come and play for Frank. After seeing a season of Derby playing with him, will they still want to come?
  11. We are a bit embarrassing now.
  12. Worst thing is, Forest fans are going to give it the big one, thinking they were good... They are as poo as us.
  13. If we do nick one, we don't deserve it.
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