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  1. You did watch Nigel Peason's Derby right?
  2. Bogle needs to run at them, stretch the game.
  3. What is nice to hear from all of that, is that Cocu does genuinely seem excited to work with Rooney.
  4. Cocu has said in the past that he needs to work on being a more technical player
  5. Big fan of the tackles in this game!
  6. Cocu has said Shinnie isn't a very technical player, but god he does everything else pretty well!
  7. May see Shinnie in future games then if it is serious
  8. Happened to Bent in the 15/16 season as well
  9. Just being devil's advocate. Cocu must know more about the situation than we do, his job is to select a winning team. If he thinks that Lawrence starting over Jozefzoon is the right thing, then I trust him.
  10. Everyone is so angry about Lawrence and Bennett, they're ignoring the fact we have new signing "Kason Knight" on the bench.
  11. Davies stepping in like that always reminds me of Fulham in the first leg of the playoff semis. Had Mitrovic in his back pocket.
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