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  1. So it is set up that they can appeal till they get the result they like and we are unable to contest it? 😅
  2. Can anyone clarify, why the EFL were able to appeal the result of the original findings, yet we are not able to appeal a result from this one?
  3. Jesus, how can people moan about the club taking responsibility. Didn't have to make the statement and if they hadn't people probably wouldn't have batted an eyelid. Yes they have to now act on their words but overall, I'm glad they've accepted responsibility and shown a bit of class.
  4. If that's the last time I see Waghorn in a Derby shirt, I just want to say thank you.
  5. Don't think we can blame any of this on Bird
  6. Right lads, 40 minutes to ducking fight for it!
  7. Swear we've conceded the exact same goal 10 times this season.
  8. Nothing does my head in more than Eric Steele seeming to think that Rooney is the perfect man for the job. Honestly won't hear a bad word said about him.
  9. Just hope that after the next game the clear out starts as soon as possible. The club needs as long as possible to get ready for League 1. Can't be leaving it till August.
  10. If the reports of Rangers wanting 1 million for Edmundson, we should be snapping their hands off.
  11. For all the good fight they put in during the first half, that second half was just about as bad as we've been all season. Embarrassing.
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