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  1. Sure we've been saying this since November?
  2. Wouldn't say a poor performance overall but the final third play is abysmal and deserves relegation.
  3. To lose this because of a stupid free kick hurts the most.
  4. Can only hope the new owner sorts out our scouting department who have been abysmal for the last decade.
  5. Could probably sell 2 of their players for the same price as our entire club.
  6. I have to agree his play is sloppy of late. Sure he whipped a ball in early on and put a through ball in but that really isn't enough to constitute "good play"
  7. I wouldn't say enjoy, just have come to expect.
  8. I will say that today, Bird has been a bit better with passing forward, just a shame that every ball he has passed has been over hit.
  9. Exactly, kind of game where if we got the first we could hold off these but I just cannot see how we can go on to get 3 points.
  10. Sibley should be the 10, not Knight. Knight is box to box, I have no clue why he is being forced into that role.
  11. And I think time has distorted your memory of the squad he was working with compared to the squad Rooney has at his disposal?
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