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  1. Actually, quite a realistic game in terms of goals, two of theirs came from free kicks won and scored by Grealish. We had three from Marriott, being slotted through by Lawrence and Mount, burning his pace past Mings. A towering corner header from Tomori and a wonder strike from outside the box from Wilson.
  2. Sorry for your loss JB, will try and get an applause going in the 27th up in 521.
  3. This is the post we have all been waiting for!
  4. Lampard isn't going anywhere. The man has shown he is not an idiot, taking that job at the moment would be career suicide. In January I understood the rumours, Ole was doing well at Man U and Chelsea wanted a bit of that magic with Lamps. However, we have all seen how the wheels have fallen off at Utd. Frank is in this management game for the long haul. He knows that the Chelsea job isn't right for him at the moment. We should be more worried about a team the size of Everton coming in for him. An upgrade on us and won't have the same pressure as he would at Chelsea.
  5. I honestly can't see what Gibson is trying to sue us for, and on what grounds. The league has okayed our dealings and we are all playing by the league's rules. There is nothing against the law to say we can't sell our assets to a sister company. Nice try Gibbo, but think it through pal.
  6. I've got such a weird feeling that something great could happen tomorrow. My head is saying Villa will take it, but my heart tells me that this Derby team is special, capable of performing on the biggest stages and love proving people wrong. This season has been the best season in a long long time, the connection between the players, club and fans really has grown through the season. We are the underdogs and will thrive in the environment. I'd love nothing more than to see Keogh put him demons to bed. COYR
  7. Am I just being stupid, but to me it sounds like he has no intention of taking it at the moment?
  8. Keogh in midfield based on the setup for the final goal at Elland Road?
  9. This season I got the away kit really early on, the third kit came out after and I was going to wait till it got knocked down. I missed the sale and they all sold out, shame because I'm a big fan of our current third kit.
  10. Oh don't get me wrong, usually fine people! But there is the select few who know how to push the buttons before the game!
  11. Will have to give you a wave as our block 521s also arrived today.
  12. Villa fans are getting overly confident, same as Leeds were. Would love to wipe their brummy grins off their faces.
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