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  1. DJFern94

    Ashley Cole

    I am surprised this is taking as long as it is. Would have thought the club would want the news out ASAP after announcing Lowe to Aberdeen.
  2. DJFern94

    v Reading (H) - Predictions

    2-1 FRGS Cole
  3. DJFern94

    Ashley Cole

    My guess is Cole coming in as player/defensive coach.
  4. People need to remember the teams we have played in the run since Christmas, I cannot remember a run of teams like it in recent seasons. To still be in the top 6 after coming out of that, is something to be proud of.
  5. Between Waghorn and Tomori for MotM for me.
  6. Feel good factor back, let's spank the league.
  7. Should I hold on building the Roos statue outside Pride Park?
  8. Genuine cover for Marriott.
  9. Slightly off topic. But we need Holmes to grow his hair again.
  10. And yet I bet people would still moan.
  11. I am a minute or two behind. Have we scored again yet?
  12. Honestly, Tomori is a player that would be realistic to keep signed on next season, and I would have no second thoughts.
  13. Not that he has been overly tested, I do think that Roos has looked alright.
  14. With Marriott struggling, it would be a good chance to see what Waghorn offers in the middle.

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