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  1. For what it is worth... Davies played well when he came on.
  2. I have no idea why Sheffield didn't start with Iorfa, easily their best defender.
  3. Sheffield Wednesday forum is down... I assume it is all of us going to read it that has caused the issue :')
  4. Bogle has been awesome so far. Really winning his battle.
  5. I am sure championship refs have a superiority complex when it comes to dealing with Rooney.
  6. Rooney obviously isn't the same player as 10 years ago, but it is hard to deny his flashes of brilliance.
  7. With the way Cocu has been talking, I'd be thinking that a centre half is the position where it looks like the player is likely to sign in the coming week. Sharp might be the player that he keeps telling us is complicated and we have to see what happens.
  8. First half awful, second half so far so good
  9. Is that twice we have done that against Boro this season? Lawrence at home?
  10. Same story it has always been. Good shot stopper... not great picking anything out the air.
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