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  1. i take that back - tried again and 52 left for pedigree suite. 50 now :-)
  2. Sold out according to dcfc ticket sales☹️
  3. Really composed feel to the play - loving Clarke
  4. Oddly, I always go back to this lupoli volley at 1:40. in fairness it’s Barnes cross that makes it
  5. Well I’m glad I started the conversation. I wasn’t particularly saying or thinking it was an either /or, just interesting to ponder on as a tactic that frank has brought In and had differing results from in the context of England having two shockers with it.
  6. Surely to goodness this debacle with England tonight has to spark a debate about the Merits of playing out versus long hoof ball from the keeper.
  7. Anyone else stuck on the M1 feel slightly aggrieved at what were clearly foxy fans having a dig? for anyone not travelling that way - 2 bridges had banners on, first one was something like ‘ for PL football, try jct 21’ and then ‘failure since 2007’. wasnt around a the time but some mates at work have mentioned the same banner fest when we lost to Leicester years ago. Theyre still very angry at them for that... banter. but I just don’t get this one. not being funny but we’re hardly doing them any harm or threat right now so who’s rattled their cage.
  8. Flags a definite yes. The impact walking into Wembley and seeing the qpr end lit up was quite imposing and immediately had them on the front foot psychologically
  9. At the qpr final it was a case off turning up at PP and joining the back of the queue. We arrived at 8am and the queue went from the front doors round the south stand to Greggs. The coaches arrived filled up from the front of the queue and was on its way. We got on a coach about 11am and arrived at Wembley at 2:50. Only just got into the ground. All in all with losing, it was the worst day out of my life. Vowed id never go again... until Wednesday night. But will go in the car and park locally.
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