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  1. Might have a quid on that. If I win I’ll split it(not really). If I lose you owe me a quid.😀
  2. Feeling optimistic about this,more of the same please Derby.
  3. Somewhere in Oz.Queensland or into NSW. Or a hills have eyes place Mayfield/Longnor?
  4. Not sure. I would have been suspicious if Steve Maclaren has done it.
  5. Van Cone De Head

    Ex Rams

    Great commentary. I was always convinced Timi was going to be a star,what do I know.
  6. Not scored for Bristol but he would have done if he’d been at Derby.
  7. I hope Chris Martin goes on strike at Bristol if Mac comes back.
  8. Be nothing compared to Martin scoring for Bristol against us.
  9. I get dozens,no idea what I’m supposed to do with the information. Thanks
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