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  1. Free hit really. I would expect us to lose but hopefully not a tonking. Hopefully a hard fought 2-1 with plenty of effort and a bit of attacking belief. Same team as Cardiff,I have no idea who to play instead of Lawrence...Knight for legs in midfield,I genuinely don’t know.
  2. Carry on with the medication and go back next week. Professor Rays worried but not panicking. Did some stuff to Joel that he didn’t like,but we’ll keep a close eye on him.
  3. @Mrs Cone is taking Joel in,I’m working but finishing at lunch. Should be ok,I think.Joel’s not overly happy but I’ve seen him worse. Couldn’t find his Keogh shirt last night which I’ve put somewhere safe(bugger). Anyway I’ll come back to you. cheers
  4. The EFL,got to love them. Steve Dales ok but Mel Morris can get ready! I honestly hope that a proper and thorough investigation takes place so a line can be drawn under it.
  5. I would go Rowett 2, Pearson DOF and Clement as kit man for a dream management team.
  6. We’ve been lucky,if you think it’s less than a month since they were in Tenerife. I’d already started with a fresh flexible working request at work and me and Lynne had the conversation numerous times with each other. ‘You know somethings going to happen with Joel soon.’ There some moments of panic but generally these days were quite organised and expect the unexpected,same with the other 2. This incident(Hopefully)is nothing more than a warning to us. He enjoyed seeing Martin’s cameo by the way.
  7. Joel seems to be improving as well so I’m 70/30 that we can avoid surgery when we go back Tuesday. If they try and drain it with a needle they’re wasting their time.
  8. Thanks, lovely kind thoughtful words as usual. What a great bunch on here.Never have got this far without this forum. Cheers
  9. Has anyone mentioned Sooty and Sweep?
  10. I was winding you up mate,loved Top Cat.
  11. It’s a rip off but we’re stuck with it,I won’t pay it unless it was something that looked really good. To be honest I struggle to stay up that late. I read that they’d sold 1500 tickets for the Fury fight in a 20000 seater? They’re just greedy. I’ve been cutting and haggling on our Sky.
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