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  1. We turned him down and set Pearson on.
  2. Not like you to feel this down on things. I think we might have to wait till next season.
  3. I reckon he’d look well in a Jimmy Saville tracksuit. Jingle jangle!
  4. I know but Martin,Waghorn and Marriott is a bloody good front 3 to have. Marriott can’t get 100%,Martin’s doing what he’s supposed too bar the finishing and Waggy’s fallen too number 3. We’re performing better,going to need a bit of patience.
  5. Bunch of 💩houses,bloody parking charges. Don’t know this one but any excuses to try and catch you out for an extra quid.
  6. He isn’t and we can’t seem to get him fit for a sustained period. If we don’t stick with him we’re never going to get him fit? Our strikers are good enough, we just need a bit more creativity behind. Tough on Waggy.
  7. Mum and Dad live in the same house Kyle grew up in really modest terrace. That is about to change though.
  8. His dogs not Kyle’s😆,he lives at the top of my road.
  9. Cutting Carson’s loan short? I see Kyle Walkers Dad most mornings walking the dogs so I’ll ask him.
  10. He’s an idiot really,if you met him you’d want to knock him out😆
  11. The Wembley one was funny if you know the context and are a long suffering Derby fan. How have you got me involved in this?
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