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  1. Not too down about that,cheered me up looking forward to all the early transfer business.
  2. Lawrence is brilliant at breaking attacking moves up.
  3. A Derby fan who is unhappy with every aspect of the club but still buys a season ticket so they can kick off at the unfairness of ticket criteria in cup games should we get a decent draw.
  4. Society in general seems to have become less patient and more confrontational. I always find it strange that someone would think hurling personal abuse at a person would get them to perform better. Not been this year but thinking back to my time as a season ticket holder on the Pop side don’t think things have changed that much. It’s annoying but just a vocal minority?
  5. I’ve messaged you,does your Dad fancy playing in our defence?
  6. This is a proper Derby County insanity signing,a true return to madness.
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