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  1. I’d be happy to have him back,hopefully Cocu would balance the midfield for him. Tomori and Mount would be better.
  2. I agree mate,he’s probably not got enough work rate for Wilder. You would have thought any of the promoted teams plus Newcastle,Burnley etc would jump at him but don’t see enough. I reckon if Mount was available there would be no shortage of teams in,including Man Utd. They’d probably have enough work in the others to fit him in. To be honest I wouldn’t have had Ravel Morrison down for Wilder.
  3. 50/50? I reckon he’d go well at the Blades in that Fleck role,they work hard enough to fit him in?Maybe? I could be talking crap?
  4. I think the jiggery pokery with Sunderland was that the guy has basically used the parachute money to buy the club after only putting in a small amount to gain control?
  5. I wonder what odds you could have got on that happening?
  6. Exactly my thoughts on the whole saga.
  7. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2019/july/club-statement_steve-bruce/ Announce Rowett
  8. I love it,thanks for the lesson.That’s my word of the season.
  9. To be fair to B4 this guy actually said hello to him,so it must be true.
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