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  1. I live in Dee dah land mate...it’s a BUTTY!!
  2. I went for sausage and chips for my youngest in a nice pleasant mood thanks to the Rams and it was a right farrago☹️
  3. There you go Butters is worth way more than £1.35
  4. Value 16.2 million...good old Rowett.
  5. When the person in front of you in the chippy queue goes,6 fish,6 large chips,3 currys,one large peas,a large battered sausage a fish cake butty please. Is that everything? Just tell me again what I've ordered please?? You've ordered everything you selfish cow😔
  6. I forgot about Holmes. If we’re talking 2 or 3 more prem loans it’s going to be interesting who we go after.
  7. My glass is always half full mate,I like what I see👍
  8. No ones said he was crap yet have they? That’s because he was quite good behind Waghorn wasn’t he? Good effort lad.
  9. Yeh,Dowell was impressive. Either,TL,Joz Or Bennett would have to make way for Mount or Wilson,like you say might unbalance it. On that showing you probably wouldn’t want to change too much.
  10. Fair comment,on today’s showing it would be harsh.
  11. You’d want Marriott in but as it stands Bennett is there on merit and JM is going have to get fit and come and earn it .
  12. I reckon if you put Tomori and Mount in that side we’d take some beating.
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