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  1. Cheers, I’ll tag you in a picture later when I’m upside down in the garden being attacked by the dogs✌️
  2. Sold loads of garden stuff,BBQ’s etc,loads of tv’s because people want to upgrade,loads of freezers obviously. Had to smile at a chap who came down with a load of lube in his trolley,I just looked at him and told him to have a nice day.
  3. Noticeable how much busier it is today at work and on the roads. I can see an issue developing if we get warm weather. A few ‘interesting‘arguments amongst customers about what entails essential shopping. It’s not my place to tell someone what’s essential or not. Intervened yesterday on someone taking issue with a lady for buying a large gazebo, it was for Barnsley Hospital. I forgot to mention,first day off tomorrow together for myself and the good lady cone in a month,other than hospital. Might have a shandy.
  4. Self isolation taking its toll mate😆
  5. I hope you’re doing ok mate? Is your Dad ok?
  6. No testing available for any of the staff on ENT at the Hallamshire today,Dr’s,Nurses or other...disgraceful.
  7. I can’t imagine? Joel didn’t hear them,I told him on the way home. I think he would have declined the offer.
  8. Problem with Joel’s throat,we’ll go back as soon as they can arrange it for an MRI. Joel was happy that they’re not allowed to use endoscopy at the moment. I’m not going to go into details,not a great day. I’ll come back to you when we’ve been again.
  9. Joel the only patient. Prof Ray gone on an emergency
  10. Right,I’m off to pick Joel up,he’s got to go. Been living away from us,he’s ok,a few issues,I’ll come back to you.
  11. Hope you manage to sort it out mate,seems bloody unfair on you.
  12. Have you spent too long in isolation mate?
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