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  1. Club should be ashamed if they don’t offer him something.
  2. Good tip,cheers. I’ve really missed a trip to Ipswich on a Tuesday night in November etc.
  3. I reckon we’ll hang on for Mourinho.
  4. Paul Clement is head groundsman isn’t he?
  5. I’d have to be in a dark place to look at that.
  6. Ruined my afternoon off watching everyone argue in the match day thread.
  7. I remember me and my brother having a Baird upstairs which glowed red in the back and ran that hot it heated the room. Tuning it in was akin to those WW2 code breakers listening in for enemy transmissions. I think it was the size of a small battleship.
  8. Another glorious day in the sub tropic of South Yorkshire. Not sure if the pitch will be more suited to football or an over the top fixed bayonets infantry assault.
  9. Looks a bit like the first Zoom quiz on here.
  10. Can we have a section for children to start threads please.
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