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  1. More like a red alert in my house on Saturday.
  2. No, I’m quite happy to ignore the facts for Eustace.
  3. So do I,shows how much he cares and no.
  4. With Eustace I would review them as being organised,disciplined and unlucky. Without him I would have reviewed it as a horrible,cheating pile of 💩
  5. Who are these people you speak of?
  6. All the best mate,hope the weather is going to be fine and not warm.
  7. Definitely,disintegrates into mush.
  8. I did I would have lost mate...Stoke drew with Norwich.
  9. I’m on TalkSPORT in 15 mins👍
  10. I’ve taken it,I’m on the verge of a heart attack as it is.
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