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    OohMartWright reacted to angieram in Season tickets   
    There is a good article on the BBC about the impact of corona virus on lower league clubs and the way some fans in League Two are rallying to the cause and forgoing refunds on their cancelled matches in order to help their clubs.
    There will always be a combination of people who see their ticket purely as a financial transaction that they will exercise their consumer rights to protect, and those that see it as more of an emotional investment that they are willing to forgo if it helps 'their' club survive. (A third group may fall into the latter category but are forced by economic circumstances to be less charitable.)
    I think it's a choice for every individual and there's no right or wrong.
    Just a little aside, we had tickets for a Forest Green Rovers game on the Saturday that football was suspended. When League Two was cancelled earlier this week my husband wrote to the club telling them we didn't want the money back (it was only about £42.) He explained we were visiting as part of our attempt to visit as many League Grounds as possible so no other loyalty to their club.
    They wrote back to thank us and said to let them know if we had another chance to visit as they would like to meet us and give us a full tour of the ground and facilities.  Ok, it's not The Emirates, but I thought it was a really kind gesture at a difficult time.
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    OohMartWright reacted to jimbobram in Push for playoffs or play the youth?   
    I mean, I know what you're trying to do, but I would 100000% have Holmes in instead of Whittaker
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    OohMartWright reacted to Brummie Steve in Push for playoffs or play the youth?   
    I could live with that!
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    OohMartWright reacted to Millenniumram in Push for playoffs or play the youth?   
    What sort of a question is this?! We’re only 5 points off the playoffs ffs! We’ve still got absolutely every chance of making it. To even suggest giving up now and focusing on next season is insanity imo. If we don’t make it, we don’t make it and we look to improve in the summer. Until then, the only reason to play the youngsters is because, simply put, they’re better than their senior counterparts!
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    OohMartWright reacted to Sean in Return to training   
    Trialist is with the first team it seems 👀

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    OohMartWright reacted to TexasRam in BBC Sport vote for best play off game   
    So you haven’t seen numerous polls “best Premier League team ever” “best premier league goal” best premier league manager” like before then never happened, that’s what the slogan football invented before 1992 derives from. It’s not to belittle anyone, more to educate. A great barometer for this is apparently Arsenal are the only team to ever going unbeaten in a English top flight league, or so Sky would have you believe. 
    The absolute arrogance and pigheadedness of Sky TV and the generation of football fan it’s spawned is nothing but a curse on the history of our game and also more worryingly the sustainable future of it. 
    In my opinion anyway 
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    OohMartWright reacted to IslandExile in BBC Sport vote for best play off game   
    It can be argued that any game in which Derby beat Leeds is the best game of football anywhere ever, let alone play offs, let alone this country, let alone anything else.
    But especially that one. The lead up, the deficit, the goal down. It had everything.
    Best game ever, certainly on this planet 🐏
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    OohMartWright reacted to angieram in Harry on Mel and Frank appointment   
    I can't see any club entrusting Harry Wilson, Fikayo Tomori or Mason Mount to Mick McCarthy.
    I loved last season, even though we failed at the last hurdle.
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    OohMartWright reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in Harry on Mel and Frank appointment   
    The last-gasp winner at Reading; beating United at Old Trafford; coming within inches of taking Chelsea to penalties at Stamford Bridge; the comeback at Norwich; a trip to Accrington Stanley; knocking Premier League Southampton out of the FA Cup; the huge wins against QPR, Bristol and West Brom at the end of the season; the greatest night in my Derby-supporting life at Elland Road and a day out at Wembley.
    I don't regret MM's decision one bit.
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    OohMartWright reacted to Gee SCREAMER !! in Clubs threatening to sue EFL over Derby's FFP situation   
    Balls to em. We can buy Kenilworth road and use it fly tip Anya, it will improve it.  We can buy Oakwell and use there seats to make our ground bigger seeing as we're the only ones that fill the ground anyway. This league is getting right on my tits. Full of whinging no marks, North east chairmen that look like a bad Leo Sayer tribute and run by the Homer Simpson school of Accounting.
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    OohMartWright reacted to SouthStandDan in One year ago today....   
    Me and a mate watched this at Pride Park when they had the £5 entry and a free drink offer. Considering I live just around the corner from the stadium I thought duck it, let's see what happens. There was a good crowd of people in the Pedigree suite too. 2 nil down, we were thinking nah bugger it, no chance of a turnaround here. Keep the score respectable. Marriott scoring after 30 seconds of coming on, right before the end of the half. 2-1 and half time beer certainly made me perk up. That second half was incredible.
    Once Mount bagged that equaliser, I knew it was ours (the number of beers helped my confidence). Leeds looked absolutely gassed. Emotionally spent as well as physically. When the winner went in, I haven't heard a roar quite like it. There was a tear running down my face in joy of seeing Leeds fans starting to sob into their crappy scarves. Everyone associated with that club booked their Wembley final before the ball was kicked, such was their arrogance. It was some satisfaction. Even my partner let me off for being hammered on a school night.
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    OohMartWright reacted to Millenniumram in One year ago today....   
    If there’s ever an away day that tops this one, I’ll be astounded. What a ducking night!
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    OohMartWright got a reaction from 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in One year ago today....   
    One of my best ever football memories. A privilege to be there.
    Take your scarves and duck off home 🤣🤣🤣
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    OohMartWright got a reaction from IslandExile in One year ago today....   
    One of my best ever football memories. A privilege to be there.
    Take your scarves and duck off home 🤣🤣🤣
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    OohMartWright got a reaction from angieram in One year ago today....   
    One of my best ever football memories. A privilege to be there.
    Take your scarves and duck off home 🤣🤣🤣
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    OohMartWright reacted to Ellafella in Derby Pride (it's a book)   
    Congratulations Sir!. It’s a very handsome book; the title is similarly brilliant and the word Pride & its meaning is visually echoed in the cover. I love how Derby County now own the word Pride and it’s a very apt description of how we all feel. Football is in the very heart of our City and it always has been. Can’t wait to read it. Well done @HuddersRam. 

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    OohMartWright reacted to HuddersRam in Derby Pride (it's a book)   
    So about 14 months ago now, I started a topic called The Pursuit for Pereplotkins. It was more of a hopeful topic about a book I was trying to work out in my head about the past 20 or so years of the club. Fast forward to today and my search for the Latvian never actually began.
    BUT I am a bit too excited to say that over this time, I've been able to worm my way into conversations with 55 others who probably have more of a story to tell than he would. So with that being said, Pride: The Inside Story of Derby County will be published later this year.
    Through constant begging texts and an embarassing stream of emails to media teams across Europe, I've heard from all sorts of former Derby players, coaches and officials who have kindly given up their time to be part of this. From Stefano Eranio, Peter Gadsby, Steve McClaren and Inigo Idiakez through to Will Hughes, Harry Wilson, Johnny Russell and Gary Rowett (and plenty more in between including the finding of an Amigo), I've been lucky enough to be allowed to gaze through the different eras of the club to tell the story of everything that has gone on from the moment Pride Park first opened its doors.
    It'll be available from later this year (I need to actually finish the last few chapters first) but hopefully it'll be of interest to a few of you on here and I'll be able to follow on from some of those who already produce such top content about the club.

    I've set up a Twitter @PrideDCFC too, which I'll be using to share out some feature articles with those who have contributed their time. Because I've discovered 120,000 words isn't nearly enough. 🐏🐏🐏

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    OohMartWright reacted to GlastoEls in 1986/ 87 Div 2 Champions   
    Not this season but I’ll never forget Jim Rosenthal’s line from the 88/89 vhs - “every season under Cox .. has been more successful than the one before”!
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    OohMartWright reacted to RamLad1884 in Mason Bennett   
    Feel like it's somewhat flogging a dead horse here... This is showing exactly why Cocu shipped Bennett to the u23s then out on loan but brought Lawrence back in. At least Tom's had some humility to his actions as well as proving himself on the pitch, I feel like Mason has shown anything but on both counts. 
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    OohMartWright reacted to angieram in Mason Bennett   
    If it's a joke it's in extremely poor taste.
    I think I'm allowed to say that as someone who has backed Bennett on here through thick and thin. 
    I feel a bit disappointed. 
    Time to move on, Mason.
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    OohMartWright reacted to admira in Derby County shirts + memorobelia wanted.   
    I have one of those bricks built into the ground at PPS. Unfortunately it has the wrong wife's name on!
  22. Haha
    OohMartWright reacted to IslandExile in Derby County shirts + memorobelia wanted.   
    You Ozzie Enders were lucky to have had buckets. In the Popside, all we had was a wall.
    I wouldn't fancy either as a souvenir.
    No wonder the women folk prefer Pride Park.
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    OohMartWright reacted to Andicis in Duane Holmes - What a guy.   
    Duane Holmes, on top of being a really good player, is just an all around great bloke. I always see him interacting with fans on twitter, he's a credit to the club. 
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    OohMartWright reacted to TimRam in Derby v Reading 17/3/20 Match Report   
    Someone re-enacted the 70s and threw a bog roll....the pitch invasion was impressive.
  25. Sad
    OohMartWright reacted to angieram in Derby v Reading 17/3/20 Match Report   
    No chance - I was self isolating! 😉
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