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    OohMartWright reacted to sage in Operation Fill the Ground v Reading   
    I have sent an email to the club, ticket office and Supporters Liaison Officer.
    Mentioned some of the difficulties people have been having getting tickets and offered as a Forum to purchase tickets for people less fortunate than ourselves to upcoming home games. 
    See what response I get.  
  2. COYR
    OohMartWright reacted to Addingham Ram in Operation Fill the Ground v Reading   
    Got tickets over the weekend for me and my mate who haven't been since the lockdown.
    Travelling down by train though, due to the fuel situation.
    For once have to commend the club for swiftly sorting out my Fan ID password problems on Saturday 👏.
    Managed to get decent priced train tickets as well which was a bonus.
    Also got the chance to stop over with my old man on Wednesday.
    Can't wait.
  3. COYR
    OohMartWright reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in Operation Fill the Ground v Reading   
    Told my mum she doesn’t have to buy me a birthday present if she goes to the game.
    Her and her partner are now going.
  4. COYR
    OohMartWright reacted to Tamworthram in Operation Fill the Ground v Reading   
    No brainer. Let him come.
  5. COYR
    OohMartWright reacted to CocuBarmyArmy in Operation Fill the Ground v Reading   
    Can't be there on Wednesday but will buy on RamsTV instead of the sky red button, only a few quid but every little helps at the minute!
  6. COYR
    OohMartWright reacted to Donnyram in Operation Fill the Ground v Reading   
    Just bought tickets for the Mrs and number 2 son to add to mine and my eldest sons season tickets so 4 of us from Donny on Wednesday.  Don't think I'll be able to persuade my mum! 
  7. COYR
    OohMartWright reacted to AndyB in Operation Fill the Ground v Reading   
    Bringing my partner to the Reading game. She hasn’t been for 3-4 years. The more the merrier!
  8. Clap
    OohMartWright reacted to DanS1992 in Wayne Rooney press conference   
    Really? Bit exaggerated that. I don't think people are silly enough to see Rooney as a legend just because he is staying on despite the mess we are in, as well as helping the club here and there. I think people are just happy to see some honestly and clarity for the first time in a long time, myself included.
  9. Clap
    OohMartWright reacted to BriggRam in Wayne Rooney press conference   
    Got to agree with @Chester40on this @JourdanI like alot of what you say, but reference Rooney, I think your wrong,   he has been outstanding the way he has conducted himself this last week, I firmly believe so long as we get no more points deducted his leadership and the players fight, and the fans support will keep us up, and we will be the first team in history to avoid relegation after a 12 point deduction........
  10. Angry
    OohMartWright reacted to Jourdan in Wayne Rooney press conference   
    It’s not about whether I like him or not. I don’t know him. None of us do. Nor do we know what is said and done behind the scenes. We only know what we are told.
    If it was Cocu, Lampard, Rowett, or even the one and only King Billy, I would say exactly the same. They are just doing their jobs.
    I am totally behind the club. At 3 o clock on Saturday, the boys will have my full attention, much to my girlfriend’s disappointment.
    Yes, our survival is at stake. But choice words in a press conference won’t get us out of our predicament, winning football matches will.
    If Rooney is a leader, let’s see him lead us to victories against all odds, and then we can get the bagpipes out.
  11. Clap
    OohMartWright reacted to uttoxram75 in Wayne Rooney press conference   
    So you don't like him! No probs,
    Lets all get behind him and the players, nothing else matters now if you love Derby. Our survival is at stake and Rooney is a leader I'd follow into battle.
  12. Clap
    OohMartWright reacted to Charlotte Ram in Wayne Rooney press conference   
    I doubt very much he is drawing a salary at the moment, but will be too modest to mention it, it must be very wearing for you to be so cynical with everything to do with Wayne
  13. Like
    OohMartWright reacted to leroyoftherovers in Sheffield United v Derby County match day thread   
    That's why I would like to see Stretton get a chance he seems to go on instinct, Baldock seems to be thinking about it too much. 
  14. COYR
    OohMartWright reacted to Ghost of Clough in Sheffield United v Derby County match day thread   
    Small steps.
    Step 1. Get into positive points
    Step 2. Move above Forest.
    Step 3. Get out of the bottom 3.
    If results go our way, we could achieve all of that in just 8 and a bit days.
    We have up to 8 months to actually achieve it.
  15. Clap
    OohMartWright reacted to Amberram in Sheffield United v Derby County match day thread   
    On Saturday on the 2 minute mark, Sheffield United are halving a minutes applause for one of their fans who lost his life to mental health issues.
    It would show great respect to the Unites fans and the rest of the watching fans across the country that we are all one football family by joining in with them.
    This would probably have happened anyway, but I thought I would just put it out there.
  16. Clap
    OohMartWright reacted to Jayram in My apologies to Mr Wayne Rooney   
    For me it’s not about what he’s done as a manager so much, it’s about the man he has turned out to be. He has shown class, decency and a strength of character the like of which I never expected from him. He is a multi millionaire who could have a far better football management experience elsewhere but has stood by the players and club throughout all that has been thrown at him. I have a new found respect for Rooney the man and I hope he gets the opportunity to lead the club out through the other side of this mess to a bright successful future. 
  17. COYR
    OohMartWright reacted to 1of4 in Ditch the Rooney song   
    If singing "he's one of our own" is not acceptable. Change the words to "he's one of us now, he's one of us now, Wayne Rooney's a Scouser but he's a Ram now."
  18. Like
    OohMartWright reacted to Andicis in Wayne Rooney   
    Hard not to be impressed by Rooney. He's been incredible at leading us through this dark period for the club. The right man at the right time.
  19. Clap
    OohMartWright reacted to ossieram in Operation Fill the Ground v Reading   
    Just over 7000 home tickets remaining, so around 3000 sold in the last 24 hours.
  20. COYR
  21. COYR
    OohMartWright reacted to Rubix001 in Operation Fill the Ground v Reading   
    Only been to the Notts County match in pre season since covid, and finances and youth football commitments have prevented me from being at PP on Saturdays for a long time.
    Taking my lad on Wednesday night to do my very small bit to back the boys. COYR!
  22. Like
    OohMartWright reacted to Ambitious in Operation Fill the Ground v Reading   
    If we can get to anywhere near what we had pre-COVID which was near 27,000 then that would be a huge effort for a midweek game, especially as Reading won't bring a huge following. 
    It's bound to be a great atmosphere regardless. I'm really looking forward to the game. 
  23. Clap
    OohMartWright reacted to StarterForTen in Ditch the Rooney song   
    He’s one of our own;
    He’s one of our own;
    He maybe a Scouser,
    But he’s one of our own!
  24. Haha
    OohMartWright reacted to uttoxram75 in Ditch the Rooney song   
    Its the old buggers you have to worry about 🤣
  25. Clap
    OohMartWright reacted to whaley bridge Ram in Ditch the Rooney song   
    Time to ditch the horrible song about our leader . I think you all  no which one .replace it with he’s one of our own he deserves that the way he is conducting himself in these grim times 
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