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  1. ...and fair to ask what we all thought for the first leg - why the hell was Nugent up front instead of Marriott? No, I've no idea either.
  2. Schoolboy level defending. Utter crap as ever in the play-offs
  3. Agreed, can't blame Lampard for the sheer clumsiness and poor control we saw tonight. The players have to deliver, and they struggled to even get the basics right. We look adrift of other teams pushing for promotion, so perhaps best to accept we're not good enough yet for the play-offs
  4. And every season for the last 5 years, we've forgotten how to play football in the last 3 months of the campaign. So endlessly frustrating, no matter who the coach is it happens. This is relegation form now, we're heading for mid-table unless they can find a way to get out of this groundhog day rut.
  5. Based on our performance over the last 3 games, you fear a right thrashing was going to be on the cards some point soon. It could be tonight.
  6. This is another dreadful performance. Very worrying in the wake of Ipswich and Brighton, equally poor showing. We are going backwards at the business end of the season, same old story
  7. Spot on. We had Winnall for most of last season, his bench strength has not been replaced
  8. What a crushing disappointment. Two soft goals conceded, poor goalkeeping on both. Defence shaky, passing really slow and ponderous. The back five needs to get a lot more mean, too many soft goals going in and no clean sheet for months. That was a terrible advert for the Championship as well, bad-tempered rubbish game. Don't think we've heard the last of Bradley Johnson's gnashers either. Seriously fed up tonight, we're not progressing.
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