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  1. Its just dawned on me. Derby are taking part in the civil disobedience protests!
  2. In fairness he created the only legitimate chance in the first place
  3. Is Dowell still playing for Forrest?
  4. Stoke 0 - 1 Derby FRGS Lawrence
  5. read this comment from a Chelsea fan on the BBC; 'Championship manager. Championship players. Championship performance'. They started already then!
  6. When I grew up gambling was seedy. Something 'flat cappers' did on a saturday afternoon, totally uncool! Unforgettably my grandmother told me as I was approaching an adult that if you ever go in a casino just look at all the decor, the staff because you are paying for it, that hit home the odds were stacked against me and I would never really win. The problem is nowadays just look at the adverts, they show trendy smart young chaps all beating the odds and having a great time to boot which I am sorry to say is the polar opposite as they are mug punter pay pigs existing just to fuel the hundreds of millions a year salary the CEOs get. What I also found horrifying over the last few years was the amount of bookies springing up in poor areas, on the doorsteps of the very people that can least afford to gamble FFS! Although we have benefited in the Rooney case, I hope this does gives more exposure and brings to a head the grotesque spamming online and on TV. Easy to curb advertising withing the UK, bill boards TV etc but how it could be done on line where companies will simply register abroad I do not know. Ultimately the gambling industry uses 'our money' to recycle some of it into sponsorship. Not too dissimilar to the EU! Must be a better way
  7. If we didn’t get anybody else, I would still be happy. We have brought in a fantastic defender, I believe a fantastic DM, a world class legend – past his prime but still the best player in this league and that incredible new signing Tom Lawrence… well admit it, if he continues like that then he is clearly a new signing under Cocu as that player has not played for Derby before! Turn the clock back three weeks and I would have snatched your hand off for that little lot. In our last game, without two of those players we still manged to look better than most of last season and it was only the first game of the year.
  8. I think the fact we wont have him until Jan makes this a risk in terms of could it have been better to use the money in other ways. The off set of that risk is we know full well what we are getting, there will be a buzz like nothing before, every player will up their game and we will have optimism which is priceless. We will also have made our club a whole lot more appetizing for any other gifted targets looking to join. Oh, and it will put a great big smile on our faces. Cant put a price on that 🙂
  9. I hear what your saying but what we are seeing isn't exactly new but are we returning to 30 years ago where it wasn't unheard of to have player / managers at a high level. I appreciate that is not Rooneys role but could it lead to it returning?
  10. How will his effective the squad? The whole team will be fighting for their places to establish themselves for the new manager, no one will really be sure they are a first pick just yet. Just as that would seem to be settled later by Christmas you have the best player at the club, arguably in all positions too, joining. Additionally, if you were a player of their age growing up cheering the England team here is your chance to play beside one of your heroes. I can see that being a mighty motivation to ensure you are performing at the very highest you can achieve so you don’t miss your chance. Then, once he is here, you have an elite world class mentality (maybe not ability now days) training hard and giving it his all. That won’t hurt!
  11. Yes he is but untested at this level....😝
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