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  1. Leeds v DCFC currently third ! Head over to the BBC Sport website and vote ..... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52737202
  2. I'm sorry, but you are incorrect - the stadium was last valued in 2007 at £55m ( and the EFL have accepted that figure for the last 11 years ! ). This is a matter of fact, and is in the public domain. That's a simple increase of approx 45% over 11 years - which doesn't seem too far fetched ?
  3. Joe Bateman ( aka " Bomber " ) ! Doesn't get many headlines, working his way back from injury I believe, but saw him against the Dirties and he was excellent - ran Sibley close for MoM in my eyes.
  4. Just caught up with this, so apologies if this has been covered before but there's a few important things to mention ... PPS was actually valued in 2007 at £55m, which makes an increase of £25m over the next 11 years seem more "modest" shall we say ( NB : no-one has ever questioned this valuation over the last 12 years ! ). All company accounts now have to be prepared under FRS102 - which is disclosed in the notes to the audited accounts ( pg 6 ) - so DCFC don't do anything different to anyone else. Amortisation is a little trickier, as each company has to decide it's own method of applying it ( pg 17 ) - but, this will have been audited by Smith Cooper ( pg 10 ) to ensure it was true and fair. Finally, PPS had to be sold at the exact valuation amount - not a penny more, or less - otherwise HMRC wouldn't have been very happy. I suspect the EFL have bottled it under pressure from other clubs ( & chairman ? ) and have passed the buck, to try and cover their bottoms - and if DCFC are found innocent can then say well we've followed the processes and wash their hands of it. Great statement from the club BTW ! Quite looking forward to this afternoon , and hopefully 3 points ..... COYR
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