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  1. Didn't realise that was ban-able - my bad!
  2. Marshall Byrne Edmundson Clarke Buchanan Sibley Shinnie Knight Joz CKR Roberts
  3. This thread became null and void after the first post describing Dean Moxey as a good signing/football player/not a complete and utter fraud.
  4. I'm literally only contributing right now to help that sweet sweet 500 page mark be reached.
  5. Would have him in a heartbeat. Has the potential to improve our first team in the way Wilson and Tomori did. He may have chosen to leave but the quality he has, we'd (fans) be daft to turn our noses up and miss out on a player who could help us push for top 6 next season.
  6. The biggest fear for me is that back in February when Alonso's interest was first reported it was said he was working with Matt Southall, the a*se who asset-stripped Charlton and left them without a paddle. Southall isn't being mentioned currently but I'd be surprised if he wasn't involved still, which is my biggest concern. If you associate with these sorts of people it's hardly a reassuring thing.
  7. The man's a narcissist, we shouldn't want him anywhere near our club.
  8. Makes for very grim reading, although our championship status is nowhere near as precarious as they have made out.
  9. I think one thing hindering Joswiak at the moment is he's the only winger starting every game. Having Roberts and Jos start a game on each wing could help him share the load
  10. In those takeovers were the deals announced as having been completed and will be closed on the receiving of funds "imminently"?
  11. My point is that without Sibley starting we're unlikely to score more than 1 goal a game.
  12. For me, his attacking threat brings far more advantages to the side than the risk he brings currently with his discipline (especially in games against teams who'll be 'scrappier' and more likely to play on the counter).
  13. I was at a loss as to why Sibley wasn't brought on much sooner yesterday. I'm still rattled by it. Against the Rotherhams of this league, who'll hurry you any time you're on the ball and mainly look to attack on the counter, you know you're in for a game where confidence and creativity on the ball (particularly in the middle of the park) are essential if you want to be creating chances. Bielik had this in abundance, with him now out for the season we need to replace that in this key position. Sibley is perfect for this. Bird and Shinnie are not creative players in the way Bielik and
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