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  1. 7 parties signing NDAs is encouraging, but I'm still keeping my powder dry until January. Given the complexity I'm fully expecting this to drag on into next year and us playing a team of kids after the next transfer window. Begging I'm wrong, like.
  2. I love how much people want Nixon to be wrong, because I agree the man's a p***k and I hate the publication who pays him. But he's right more often than not and often the first to give us new info.
  3. As someone who's of the opinion Mel is the sole cause of this mess, and yes the EFL were ✨less✨ than helpful in the handling/acceptance of our accounts etc, I think those responses are fair. Although they do keep banging on about the need to move away from a beneficiary model of ownership.. which lets not forget has been allowed to become so commonplace under their own stewardship. Stinks of the Tories saying we have to restore our country to former glory etc etc every election, despite having been in power for 11 years.
  4. It's so frustrating because we're clearly a better side than last year with our best midfielder still to return. I hate seeing all the hope, Derby surviving this season would require something like top 4 form for almost 36 games. But that's not going to happen and come January we'll likely be having to sell half our team anyway.
  5. 8s all round for me! A few had shaky starts, Stearman with a needless yellow early doors had me panicking. He quickly settled though and defended well. Beautiful cross from Knight to set up the goal, never stopped running. Forsyth perfect header to score, looked to have a spring in his step tonight. Stretton came up against a very solid centre half, give him time to beef up and he'll be a player. Even Baldock had a couple of moments where he nearly knicked it off their defenders first half, relieving pressure. Great night all round!
  6. Imagine being in the slightest bit arsed about other fans' opinions of us? We support our club and that's all that matters.
  7. I came to post this but figured I'd check if someone beat me to it! People obviously want to be hopeful but I think managing expectations will be better for us as a fan base. We don't want attendances to start dwindling when we still need them months down the line, because a buyer hasn't been found yet and people had their hopes up it would be done before January... Having spoken to pals of mine from Wigan and Bolton they said there was the exact same feeling given to them from their respective admins. Both clubs have been through a hell of a lot of pain since. Mel has made such a mess of Derby County as a business I personally reckon we'll still be looking for new buyers come September 2022.
  8. If deferring allows the administrators to pay our staff's wages, giving them an extra month to look for work outside of Derby County then I hope the players will do it - even though I agree they shouldn't have to from a moral perspective. If the players agree to it and the staff still don't get paid this month then sod it, I'd be demanding my pay as a player or buggering off. They'd just be pushing the problem of paying wages further down the line which is not a 'sustainable' approach.
  9. The amount of people underrating Sibley and Jozwiak's performances last night is astounding. We set up tactically to miss out of the midfield and go for the draw - and we executed it perfectly. With this kind of set up, your Sibleys and Joz's are on the pitch to relieve pressure and carry the ball wherever they can, which I think they both did very well. They were never going to get chance to get a grip on the midfield or keep the ball for very long (not complaining about this, with our team and the fatigue they must be feeling right now I think Rooney got it spot on). Nobody gets less than a 7 for me last night, it was a great point.
  10. How blinkered are our fans that people are even questioning it. He's stamped on the man's c**k, it's a blatant red! 😂 Incidentally it's also the best thing he's ever done in a Derby shirt.
  11. We can't moan about the penalities given Forsyth should've been sent off in the 6th minute and set up our goal 4 minutes later. Ravel was blowing from about 60 minutes onwards and should've been replaced by Watson. And Roos is an absolute fraud, a complete and utter liability - whenever there's a bit of pressure he just crumbles.
  12. It's criminal that Marshall doesn't start. Criminal. Roos is absolutely toilet.
  13. Please send a link, I'd love a good chuckle this morning.
  14. Forest have started woefully and we've surprised everyone with many bright moments and decent football so far. 1-0 Forest win.
  15. Chris Coles was excellent last night, as others have said. If someone can teach Charlie Palmer how not to talk over the main commentator during important moments then that would be great, lost count of the amount of times he did it against Boro! Otherwise he was a breath of fresh air, be happy with him and Coles in future. I also like Eric Steele. Some people find him too negative but in his defence, he's been brought in to co-commentate at a time where we've barely won a bean, and generally been woeful - perhaps he's just being honest and people don't like hearing the truth about their beloved Derby County?!
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