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  1. mike93rh

    Jay DaSilva

    Should've clarified, that post was only aimed at Forsyth and Olsson.
  2. mike93rh

    Jay DaSilva

    Experienced doesn't mean they aren't both terrible players. Which they are.
  3. mike93rh

    Jay DaSilva

    Nixon is insufferable, arrogance personified. But you have to follow him given he genuinely does know what he's on about. Good news if he reckons we're close.
  4. mike93rh

    Rolls Royce job cuts

    Crazy they were paying out bonuses to most employees in the same year they're cutting 4,600 jobs. Stinks of Carillion-style management, not the employees' fault.
  5. mike93rh

    Determine the style of Football at Derby

    So long as I never see us trying to find out whether Nugent might work as a target man again I'll be happy. Happened far too often we'd try and punt the ball long to him and I still to this day can't quite believe it.
  6. mike93rh

    John Terry

    I can't see why people are panicking over the 'youth over experience' policy if it's just one signing, and this signing would be incredible for a year. Whilst the story is most likely lazy journalism, think of the positives if it happens. If he agrees to take a pay cut, he's no dearer on a one year option than the other star players in our squad. He has the ability and experience that most players dream of at our level. He'd be amazing to have around for the younger players we are hopefully blooding through this season. And, speculatively, he'd most likely only join with an option to begin his coaching career with us and team up with Lampard afterwards. Now how inspiring a backroom setup would that be to youth players, current and prospective?
  7. mike93rh

    Official: It’s Frank, 3 year deal

    Over the bloody moon. He's a very intelligent bloke. Not just academically, but you can tell he has a wise head on his shoulders from his interviews/comments. He'll know the Chelsea job is at least 5 years away, realistically, and he has a lot to do to prove he's worthy of that post before then. Which is why it benefits us. Sure, he'll make mistakes, and will be doing his learning with us. But I just can't see him being a terrible manager, and who in their right mind wouldn't be inspired by him in the dressing room?
  8. mike93rh

    What do we have to offer the New Manager?

    Oh dear God no.
  9. mike93rh

    Derby likely to sell Vydra plus others

    Some friends of mine within the club have been saying the last few weeks there's talk that we're likely to fall foul of FFP this year, with Morris' personal windfall being maxed out under the rules. I've been skeptical of the 'gossip' but the noises being made by the club now are making for concerning reading. Like others have said on here, Hughes going for as little as he did was just ridiculous. We mustn't panic again if we are needing to raise funds, and hold out for the amounts that players are actually worth.
  10. mike93rh

    Safe standing takes a step forward (then backwards)

    Should have clarified I was aware that comment was made by a different politician, however Tracey Crouch is the leading authority on the issue at the moment hence my email was sent to her.
  11. mike93rh

    Safe standing takes a step forward (then backwards)

    It's scary what common sense is actually up against when it comes to the debate around safe standing. Below is an email I have sent to Tracey Crouch's department, as well as my local MP, I'd love to hear others' thoughts on it: "Dear Ms Crouch, I am writing after hearing your comments regarding safe standing as discussed in parliament yesterday, and would like you to take the time to read and respond to my email. The survey you quoted in parliament obtained opinion on the safe standing issue by asking 1,800 football fans from across the country what they think of standing in grounds, do they themselves want to stand, etc. But I feel this is missing an important point and would like your thoughts on the below. I don't feel it is necessary to canvas every type of supporter, because as yourself and other MPs rightly point out football matches are much more family-friendly affairs now, and not many parents want to force their 4 year olds to stand for 90+ minutes of football. But nobody who is for safe standing is trying to force grounds to install the system everywhere. Instead, we want it in the areas where 'unsafe' standing is already prevalent. If you want a true picture of opinion on the issue by those who it will affect, then the government/FA/Premier League etc. needs to canvas opinion outside the stands of stadiums where the standing is already occurring. I would like to know if this is an opinion you share? I personally support Derby County FC, and tonight there will be around 4,000 Derby fans stood in the south stand and around 2,000 Fulham fans standing in the away end, of around 32,000 people in total. That's nearly 19% of the capacity stood up, 'unsafely'. How many fans around the ground do you think will be against the idea of them standing, even if it's not for them personally? I would hazard a bet at none. Because it's not affecting them, and it adds to the atmosphere and the 'occasion' of the game. Furthermore, football clubs are well aware of their 'family ends' and 'noisy areas', and hence where standing is most likely to prevail. Fans of the clubs themselves are aware of this information too, or can be made aware by the club's ticket office. This adds further weight to the argument that installing safe standing where it is needed will not in any way affect other supporters who do not wish to stand at football grounds. Lastly, I would like to know if your department has conducted/obtained research into the average number of actual 'standers' there are within the top two leagues of English football, as opposed to just the opinion of 1,800 'generic' fans? I feel this is important data you require to make an informed decision as I am not convinced that you are currently aware of just how many football fans stand at any given game currently. I appreciate your time in reading my email and look forward to your response." I feel it's politics that's getting in the way of the right decision being made here. But alas, it seems we have a politician who's too afraid of upsetting the status quo to allow what should be a no-brainer to go ahead. Mindless.
  12. mike93rh

    #PlayerMastermind - Tom Lawrence

    Having to watch with subtitles due to pretending to be hard at work. Could do with a few of the others engaging in "foot war" throughout the season...
  13. mike93rh

    "I've really not enjoyed this season"

    The hardest part for me to stomach has been the players' attitudes. I don't meant to sound cliche but if you look at the Wolves away game it perfectly summed our squad up as it is - no desire to even get close to their players, let alone close them down and put a tackle in. Rowett rightly has come in for criticism recently, I'm baffled as to why he refuses to start Palmer who is quite clearly our most gifted player now (Vydra scores but is a different type of player). But I don't think it's entirely his fault when you have 9 of the 11 starters coasting through the game hoping to get lucky that the oppo are less up for it than them. In the last couple of months, with playoffs at stake, this obviously hasn't been the case and we've been found out. Lastly, the transfer policy this year has been diabolical, at best. Offering Bryson away and not getting in a box-to-box replacement was criminal. I like huddlestone and Ledley individually, but they can't get close to agile, fit midfielders and get the run-around in matches. And to not make sure we'd replaced Russell and having to resort to ANYA(?!) of all people, and Olsson on Saturday is absolutely embarrassing. Do I have any answers for the above though? Nope. Short of selling our entire squad and restarting I don't know how you can get rid of the feeling-sorry-for-ourselves/no bottle culture that persists.
  14. mike93rh

    Manner of Performances

    I really don't mind about a sit back/solid approach, it got us to second in the league and in my opinion it was the combination of injuries/that February fear that stunted us and has left us hoping to hold onto a play-off place. If it gets results, I don't care how we play. What bothered me about last night was the lack of energy to press their forward players. We looked so lethargic, lacking any sort of desire to put a shift in, and it's these games where having Hudds and Ledley in the middle holds us back, as they just can't get near agile, technical players like Wolves have. I honestly think letting Bryson go was the worst decision we made this season. His ability to run all game and close down the play would be so helpful right now.

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