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  1. Can understand people being defensive, given nobody wants him to leave. But as FL is currently some bookies' favourite for next Chelsea manager, I don't think the author of this thread is being as knee-jerk as some are suggesting.
  2. Always say the same on this topic. I understand supply and demand and I'm aware other clubs charge similar prices, but wouldn't it be great if our club led the way in pricing strategy and brought the price down regardless of 'size of game'? From a moral perspective that is, if we forget the financial hit for a moment. One thing to note is that as a business, the money to be made for football clubs is from TV revenue in the premier league. See how many clubs would've turned a profit even without any ticket sales in the prem in 2017: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44850888 Whilst we're not running at a profit currently I know I'm spouting a pipedream. I've always wondered whether having a sell out every game by lowering prices dramatically might help in the long run though, if it helps us achieve promotion.
  3. Not saying he was good whilst with us, but obviously a player in there with potential - which was seeming to come good for a period at Spurs
  4. Thought this about Tom Carroll when he was a Tottenham starter - anyone know how he's been getting on at Swansea?
  5. I want to see us return to black socks with black shorts. Been white socks for years but the black socks make me reminisce of the 98' Wanchope/Eranio/Baiano days.
  6. Always baffled by people that don't put their destination into google maps on the day of travel - provides you with the best live traffic information available and even has live road closures etc. in.
  7. Jesus wept. Wilson? Derby fans shouldn't be allowed an opinion. Already written the bloke off.
  8. There's too much time between games for some people, isn't there? The ability to share opinions instantly now has led to this culture of impatience which is damaging and self-destructive... Imagine if we'd have lost our last two games, it would be a "how much time do we give him?" thread in place of this one. People just need to chill out and put their phones down.
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