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  1. mike93rh

    The loan signing

    Jesus wept. Wilson? Derby fans shouldn't be allowed an opinion. Already written the bloke off.
  2. mike93rh

    What's happening with George Thorne?

    RIP George. My hero, my mate, my legend
  3. There's too much time between games for some people, isn't there? The ability to share opinions instantly now has led to this culture of impatience which is damaging and self-destructive... Imagine if we'd have lost our last two games, it would be a "how much time do we give him?" thread in place of this one. People just need to chill out and put their phones down.
  4. mike93rh

    What's happening with George Thorne?

    I'm coming on here once a week to profess my love for George Thorne, and let the world know I still believe in him. It's therapeutic at this stage.
  5. mike93rh

    Ipswich is a must win game

    Came to this thread absolutely rattled by the title. Fair play, you caught a big one.
  6. mike93rh

    What's happening with George Thorne?

    Reading this forum gave me hope that George might one day muscle his way back into the starting XI and recapture his form. But reading Craig Short's comments on Derby Live quickly dashed that. I love Thorne, ridiculous player once he's up and running.
  7. needs signing on this chant alone. Absolutely amazing work
  8. mike93rh

    Fully fit starting 11

    frightening how quickly Derby fans have forgotten what a player George Thorne is. Jesus wept.
  9. mike93rh

    Martyn Waghorny - Signed on a 3 year deal

    yep, that'll make it even easier to ship them come January eh.
  10. mike93rh

    Jay DaSilva - Joined Bristol City

    Should've clarified, that post was only aimed at Forsyth and Olsson.
  11. mike93rh

    Jay DaSilva - Joined Bristol City

    Experienced doesn't mean they aren't both terrible players. Which they are.
  12. mike93rh

    Jay DaSilva - Joined Bristol City

    Nixon is insufferable, arrogance personified. But you have to follow him given he genuinely does know what he's on about. Good news if he reckons we're close.
  13. mike93rh

    Rolls Royce job cuts

    Crazy they were paying out bonuses to most employees in the same year they're cutting 4,600 jobs. Stinks of Carillion-style management, not the employees' fault.
  14. mike93rh

    Determine the style of Football at Derby

    So long as I never see us trying to find out whether Nugent might work as a target man again I'll be happy. Happened far too often we'd try and punt the ball long to him and I still to this day can't quite believe it.
  15. mike93rh

    John Terry

    I can't see why people are panicking over the 'youth over experience' policy if it's just one signing, and this signing would be incredible for a year. Whilst the story is most likely lazy journalism, think of the positives if it happens. If he agrees to take a pay cut, he's no dearer on a one year option than the other star players in our squad. He has the ability and experience that most players dream of at our level. He'd be amazing to have around for the younger players we are hopefully blooding through this season. And, speculatively, he'd most likely only join with an option to begin his coaching career with us and team up with Lampard afterwards. Now how inspiring a backroom setup would that be to youth players, current and prospective?

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