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  1. Barnsley (A) Tickets

    Might sell a hundred or so more, might not. Not worth worrying about, 1700 odd ain't bad cup a league cup game. Our away support is hardly Leeds/Sunderland standard.
  2. Barnsley (A) Tickets

    If you live in Derby the there's one train back at 22 29. So no chance of making it if it goes past 90 minutes. No trains if you live as far as Burton till the next day.
  3. Barnsley (A) Tickets

    With Bristol away Saturday that will bring the numbers for Barnsley down. Will probably shift a few hundred more tomorrow ( pay on day maybe) if we're lucky, a lot will be saving their pennies for a potential trip to Wembley...1600-1800 I reckon tomorrow night.
  4. v Grimsby Town (A) Tickets

    Cheers lads, tickets sorted now anyway. Anyone in Burton needs a lift got two spare seats in the car, leaving at three.
  5. v Grimsby Town (A) Tickets

    Anyone know if it's likely to be pay on the day?

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