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  1. PNE Away ticket details

    Quite a few of us from Burton on this one, bank holiday weekend in Blackpool then short train ride over for match 👍
  2. Reading (A) Tickets

    The problem is B4 some of us work shifts that fall on match days, it’s not always financially viable to purchase a season ticket, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has young children aswell some of us have to pick and choose our games. I’ve been six at home and seven away so I’m not doing bad for a half fan. If we want to moan let us have a moan.
  3. I cant wait for millwall

    Don’t take any notice of how many tickets it says is left, it’s not accurate, there will not be 1405 Derby fans there.
  4. Trains to Barnsley Saturday

    Thanks everyone, tried putting Sheffield to Barnsley in the journey planner and nothing flagged up as being a problem, so must just be Burton/Derby to Sheffield.
  5. Trains to Barnsley Saturday

    Just been on the National Rail website to look at train times for Saturday, says there’s a planned strike? Expect delays, replacement buses and a reduced service. Anyone have any further info on this?
  6. Barnsley (A) Tickets

    Yes there’s seat numbers on the tickets. If you buy tickets together, you’ll be able to sit together surely? The seats will be next to each other. Even if they aren’t the allocation will be 4500 in total, we won’t sell that many tickets so should be spare seats to move together.
  7. Barnsley (A) Tickets

    Why would 1000 go in the next few days? We’ve sold 800 in the last week. Can’t fault your optimism though.
  8. Barnsley (A) Tickets

    I’ve been checking how many there is left a couple of times a day (very sad). At the rate they’re going will be gone Thursday-Friday I reckon. Barnsley might just sell on the day instead of sending more.
  9. Barnsley (A) Tickets

    Barnsley said if we sell the 3000 the max we can get is 4500, looks like the 3000 will do us at this rate though.
  10. Barnsley (A) Tickets

    Approx 2600 sold so far then, I thought we would have sold 4000+ all things considered.
  11. Barnsley (A) Tickets

    Think the initial allocation will be gone in the next few days, reasonably priced tickets.
  12. Help please

    We did not have 1500 at Norwich.

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