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We haven't scored a first half league goal in 2012

Catch 23

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And some of you are complaining about the last 15 minutes. Tsk.

This isn't a 'moany moany' thread. The second half performance was excellent tonight, and had we taken our chances it could have 4 or 5. It is interesting, though, that for the fourth game in recent weeks we've had an average-to-awful first half, followed by a much better second (Barnsley, Brum and Leicester before this). In fact, since the Peterborough game, we've only scored three first half goals, all against West Ham (FA Cup goal(s) don't count, because I said so). What does this say about Cloughie's HT team talk?

If we'd played these matches with the consistency of the second half for the entire match (if that makes any sense), I reckon we could have beaten Barnsley and Brum and perhaps could have had a go against Leicester. But that's just me. Consistency is the point I'm getting at.

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