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race for life


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Me and my cousin Emma are doing the Race for Life on Saturday !

Very excited =D

Fancy sponsoring me ?

Any donations go to Cancer Research UK and it would be much appreciated.

See the link below !!



We are big derby county fans and will be doing the race in full kit!!!

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iv always thought race for life would be realy fun if it was as cruel as the title makes it sound....

Racing for your life, being chased by rabid dogs whilst being shot at sort of thing...

Could televise it and put it on something like challenge to take over from Takeshi's Castle.... would **** on it! lol

Be like a modern day running man except not a film an on tv

~~feeling random~~

Sorry to go off topic and good luck with everything

us forum locals wouldnt make it a mile.... or if there was a decent cold beer waiting for us at the end... of the mile

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