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Apparently there's also some chairs and a plastic bucket for sale at Pride Park and they've got the Under 18s checking for coins in the sofas. Are we actually gathering cash for a real signing, maybe even someone on as expensive a salary as a reserve left back or the new director of football ?

So quick tot up from the last month, Anderson, Riggott, Bywater, Pearson, Leacock off the books, Kilbane and Priskin sent home, Croft, Addison and Cole out on loan (and presumably all off the wage bill at least temporarily). So that's 10 gone so far. Now the rumours of Cwyka and even Maguire preparing to clear out their lockers plus the ongoing Paul Green contract saga. I'd guess that one of the 5 remaining keepers is also excess baggage (Deeney, Severn ?). We could end up with 14 less players within a month.

Surely that means room to pay for a bit of quality ??

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