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Hello all,

I am trying to put together a book about fans' experiences of the day they met Brian Clough. I have had lots of success from Rams fans so far. I have about 60 stories from you lot mainly due to the Derby Telegraph running a number of features for me, and Nigel getting me an article in the DCFC programme.

And what have Forest done for me, sweet FA. They refuse to help me, wont put anything in the programme and the Evening Post have cocked a deaf 'un.

I need your help, I need more stories to make the book viable, if you ever met the great man please would you write to me with your story?

My email address is thedayimet@hotmail.co.uk and any help you can give me would be massively appreciated.

PS - I have the full support of Barbara Clough and Nigel Clough with this venture



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