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Birmingham win the Carling cup

Plan B

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I doubt it, it's only the Carling Cup.

Perhaps though, he'll finally realise that he's going to have to spend some money on at least one decent centre back. The winning goal was straight out of the keystone cops school of defending. Awful.

Birmingham deserved to win IMO. Considering that we were both on a similar level 5 years ago, it's stark contrast when they have someone who's willing to invest in their side.

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I dont think their attack is that good tbh.

They could probably do with another experienced striker, but other than that, Arsenal have great attacking options. Barring bad luck, and good defending, they could easily have had 3 or 4 against Barcelona, there aren't many teams who can say that.

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I'm happy for them but I hate seeing the losing side after, unless its forest.

Arsenal fans won't be happy and I'm sure they will be calling for Wenger to resign now.

LOl....no chance.

Wenger is probably their greatest ever manager.

He's a genius.

Finds players no-one else has ever heard of. Builds great sides.

Plays great football. Doesn't spend silly money.

They are out performing big spending Chelsea and Man City and they have a great team.

And where were they before he went there....boring boring Arsenal.

if they could just combine George Grahams defence with Wengers attack....oh yes......when they did that they were invincible.

Birmingham played really well.

Sometimes its just not your day.

P.S. Sorry, just can't hate Arsenal like we used to...because of Charlie George.

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