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More costs heading football's way?


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Just found this on the Mirror


Chelsea gave a £172m wage bill, £40m more than Man City.

In that article it also mentions that HMRC are after making image rights payments taxable.

The latest accounts also reveal that Chelsea will be liable for £3.8million extra in National Insurance contributions if HM Revenue and Customs succeed in their legal case that image rights payments should be taxed as income.

If that is proved, the players themselves would be liable to pay any tax individually in relation to image rights.

Looks like HMRC are after their pound of flesh from football, wonder how many winding up orders will be served between now and the start of next season

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Good on em I say (the footballers)

Fair enough they are Mega over paid and others need it more but the tax man bleeds enough people dry, I hope the players can keep this for a while longer.

...but they are the ones who can most afford to pay

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