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Match Day Chat Testing


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Match Day Chat is open for testing again,

Myself and Thornhill have just been playing with it in IE7 and Firefox and have come across no problems as yet.

All messages made in the chat whilst you are offline will be there once you login to catch up on the match chat. Only the last 100 messages will show although the full match chat is available by selecting 'View Match Chat Archive' from the drop down menu.

Changes left to do:

  1. Add a closing and opening time option so users are not using the chat instead of the forum during the week.
  2. Remove the side scrolling from IE7.(fixed)
  3. Save the match chat into a archive system so you can look back on previous matches.

Click 'Matchday Chat' on the main menu to view the new matchday centre. (only visable to registered users)

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Originally posted by CumbrianRam;8465

It's rare for this sort of content to be saved.

In relation to match report and activity....

I didn't mean just spouting off and talking rubbish

I'm sure that content will be deleted if anybody was silly enough to engage in that kind of behaviour. :confused:

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Myself and Boycie will beable to delete any posts in the Match Chat.

I have now closed Match Chat as it seems to be working fine, I will be opening it at 7pm on Wednesday and closing it around 9.40pm.

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